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It was discovered by Kennecott as a result of follow up work on regional geochemical anomalies.
This program was designed to refine till indicator anomalies and follow up on aeromagnetic anomalies defined in the 2004 summer program and provide drill targets to be tested in 2006.
This will include the drill testing of a number of these anomalies within a larger drill program of at least 20,000 meters.
The twelve main radiometric anomalies are described below:
There are several zones of co-incident base metal anomalies that require follow-up sampling as a first step in the evaluation process.
The Sleeper Deposit, located 21km east of the Bottle Creek district, exhibits similar host stratigraphy, displays similar geochemical anomalies, structural controls, vein, breccia and stockwork mineralisation as encountered at Bottle Creek.
Significant regolith gold anomalies (greater than 160 ppb Au, with high values up to 9,963 ppb Au) occur in north-south structures over a 10 kilometer strike length at Sonfon (see Figure 3).
A Phase Two Exploration Program is presently being designed, which will include better definition of the gravity anomalies by a 5-metre by 5-metre gravity survey, followed by a diamond drilling program.
Developmental anomalies of the branchial apparatus are not uncommon.
This technology relates to a method and apparatus for the on-line, real-time, non-destructive, 100% testing and measuring of the integrity and location of anomalies in thin flexible rubber and synthetic rubber materials and products made from these types of materials.
For nine years, the AFS Cast Iron Quality Control Committee (5-J) has collected examples of microstructures that are considered anomalies.
9 /PRNewswire/ -- Caledonia Mining Corporation of Toronto (Nasdaq: CALVF, Toronto Stock Exchange: CAL) is pleased to announce that Watts, Griffis & McOuat Limited, Consulting Geologists & Engineers in Toronto, have calculated the "Inferred Mineral Resource (Australian Code)" tonnage and grade estimates for Caledonia's Nama Anomaly "B" cobalt discovery in addition to those previously announced resource calculations for anomalies "A" and "C".
During that period, 14 of these temperature anomalies developed and roved the ocean basin, report Donald V.
Investment pioneer Len Zacks presents the latest academic research on how to beat the market using equity anomalies
There was no family history of congenital anomalies.