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the act of applying oil or an oily liquid

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I suggest that the book also contained the ideas found in the anointment narrative that we have seen: 1) The king is chosen by God; 2) The king is subject to the authority of God (theocracy); and 3) The king needs to be approved by the people: 'Long live the king
Pinatitingkad lamang n'yang pagkakandidato ni Mar Roxas na malaman ng tao na si Jojo Binay ay kandidato sa pagka-pangulo," Binay said in reaction to Roxas' anointment, confidently referring to himself in the third person.
envoy Jamal Benomar did a good job in the National Dialogue from 2011 to 2014, except for the protection of Saleh that was foisted on him by the GCC agreements, and the anointment of Hadi without a proper electoral process.
This now improves his UFC record to an immaculate 4-0 as he awaits the anointment to grant him the coveted title fight.
But the mood music - set by Rooney's long-term anointment (why not give it to him for a handful of games and see how it goes?
Earlier, Pakistan's Prime Minister paid a visit to Jama Masjid in New Delhi after witnessing Narendra Modi's anointment as India's 15th Prime Minister yesterday.
Nothing personal here, but your anointment is just so, well, predictable.
Pointing to the pun of the Greek term, Christos, the name given to Jesus, meaning the 'anointed one', the cardinal referred to the unction the students were receiving as a mark of the same anointment the Lord received as a mandate to live a life completely dedicated to God.
Advani from top BJP posts and anointment of Narendra Modi as party's campaign committee chief for next Lok Sabha polls.
So rather than scratching each other's backs and celebrating Rahul's anointment as Sonia Gandhi's number two, they better get down to doing serious work on the ground.
0 PADDY Atkinson believes confirmation of his anointment as permanent manager of Blyth Spartans can only benefit the club, writes STEVE BROWN.
Being an Army commander may hold him back however, as there is some perception that following two army commanders, the CDS job should go to an air force or navy commander, a concern that may have also contributed to Beare's anointment being delayed.
WARREN GATLAND'S anointment as Lions coach appears to have moved a step closer since I touched on the subject last week, amid reports that he has been offered the job.
Indeed, it is important to bear in mind that, ahead of the upcoming Chinese leadership transition, new occupants for only the top two posts have been chosen, and that through a process of gradual anointment by roughly a hundred people at most.