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the act of applying oil or an oily liquid

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Evangelist Morris explains TAP as "The anointed principles of God" or a gift of God's glory or unction to move in God's anointing glory, and receiving the fullness of God as we understand our position in His gifting.
The liturgy acknowledges the inward transformation by the Holy Spirit that is signified by anointing with chrism.
Mike Barrett, pastor of Our Lady of Good Hope Parish in Milwaukee, said anointing of the sick is 'the church's venue--and I say 'church' I mean all of us, the people of God--it's the church's venue for touching the heart and the soul and the body of someone who is struggling with life.
What makes this worse is that we are familiar with the anointing stories in the other three gospels.
To questions about delay in anointing Rahul as number two, Chowdhury said: " I do not think anybody needs to anoint anybody.
R CHARLTON, Washington ALL THE BLESSINGS It's been told How the Heavens Are falling on you And all the blessings Are coming to you Receive and behave And put faith, words Into action Build the community Where you live This I have been told Be bold And sing out The new growth is Coming through Making you and I A new being and Ready for the fight Against evil Many have been led Astray they will not Receive the blessing For all mankind I have a anointing You have a anointing All the power is in you And by the end of Summer all the blessings Are coming to this area And you KENNETH MOOD, Saltwell
Colombo, April 17 -- Sri Lanka's state ceremony of anointing oil according to the traditions of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year festival was held at the auspicious time of 7.
Jakes establishes basic concepts and principles for discovering purpose and power through the anointing of the Holy Spirit in his book "Power for Living.
Bedard stand on the sacraments of holy orders and the anointing of the sick as to their efficacy of grace and/or their sacramental abuse?
The most powerful photographs, perhaps, are not the ones that illustrate church function, but those that speak much on their own about the presence of the Holy Spirit: images of intimate worship or meditation, classic portrayals of baptism, where the shutter opens and closes quietly without a flash, prayerfully not jarring the spirit, writing the anointing in light.
AFTER four years, Los Angeles City Council President Alex Padilla is stepping down, anointing Councilman Eric Garcetti as his successor.
He then describes the service of consecration, including the reading of Psalm 143, the procession around the building, the entrance into the church and deposition of the relics (with the liturgy in an appendix), the washing of the altar table and its anointing and vesting, the anointing of the church, and the conclusion of the service.
Mary" (John is the only gospel author to name her) demonstrates how profoundly she accepts Jesus' choice by anointing him with perfume before his death.
The anointing of My Spirit will touch many shores and bring healing.
It can be a real pleasure to watch him develop a compelling reading of a text out of its hunting imagery by reading that imagery alongside the social practice of hunting, as when he turns to "blooding" rituals to reveal the significance of Venus' gesture of anointing herself with Adonis' blood in Venus and Adonis, or when he interprets The Taming of the Shrew in light of manuals about the taming of falcons--"manning," as training falcons to the lure was called (101-02).