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of or relating to anestrus

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First parity Friesian-Sahiwal crossbred cows have also been observed to have prolonged calving intervals than older cows as a result of prolonged post-partum anoestrous periods [22].
Effects of body condition at calving and feeding level after calving on LH profiles and the duration of the post-partum anoestrous period in beef cows.
Steroid production and hCG binding by ram-induced ovarian follicles in seasonally anoestrous ewes.
1983; Moore and Reeves, 1993); but destination sites may change for individual animals during their lifetime according to state of maturity or, for adult females, according to whether they are oestrous or anoestrous (see e.
The poor nutrition and high environmental temperature are the two major factors responsible for long anoestrous in Murrah buffaloes (Kaur and Arora, 1984).
Effect of FSH on ovarian inhibin secretion in anoestrous ewes.
Co-expression of messenger ribonucleic acids encoding IGFI, IGF-II, type I and II IGF receptors and IGF-binding proteins (IGBP-1 to -6) during follicular development in the ovary of seasonally anoestrous ewes.
Bartlewski MP, Vanderpol J, Beard PA, Cook JS, Rawlings CN (2000) Ovarian antral follicular dynamics and their associations with peripheral concentrations of gonadotropins and ovarian steroids in anoestrous Finnish Landrace ewes.
Fertility following CIDR based synchronization regimens in anoestrous Nili-Ravi buffaloes.
Present study was designed to investigate some macro and micro minerals in plasma of crossbred cattle of cyclic, anoestrous cows, repeat breeding cows and anoestrous heifers categories in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh.
The latter is based on previous work, when using small doses of naloxone in the ewe and sow it was observed that the presence and duration of estrus is facilitated [13, 14] and furthermore, naloxone in small doses decreased the plasma levels of Prolactin in anoestrous ewes [16].
Treatment with poly herbal preparation (Prajana (b) capsules) produced oestrous percentage of 70% in anoestrous buffaloes with smooth ovaries.
Earlier study using GnRH (Husein and Kridli, 2003) indicates that progesterone pretreatment has a marked effect on ability of small doses of GnRH (250 ng) to induce ovulation and normal luteal function in seasonally anoestrous ewes.