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coat a metal with an oxide coat


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Pointerware is also offering two hard anodized sets, one that is 2.
An item with a premium anodized finish and aluminum covers has a look and feel of quality that is apparent from across a room.
Items included a 2-quart whistling kettle at $85; a Calphalon Commercial hard anodized square grill pan at $59.
Established in 1965, Anomatic has served as a well diversified manufacturer of anodized aluminum packaging for the pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic and health & beauty packaging industries worldwide.
Cuisinart's Hard Anodized Cookware collection offers a hard anodized interior and exterior for easy cleaning.
Manufacturers and installers of curtain walls components, storefronts, automatic entry doors, walkway covers, and other anodized building and construction applications will immediately recognize the benefits of this superior finish," commented Ira Endres, Bonnell's Director of Sales and Marketing.
CHICAGO--Innovation Group, an importer of stainless steel and hard anodized cookware, is expanding its Good Grips line of cookware to encompass fullset offerings.
OTCBB:LQTK), Wednesday announced that testing has shown that its VitriSeal(TM) coating is capable of significantly increasing the corrosion resistance of aluminum anodized surfaces.
Krylon(R), the nation's leader in spray paint, is juicing up homes, yards and toys with its newest X-Metals(TM) color: Anodized Orange.
We've been working on the technology to combine porcelain and hard anodized for almost seven years, and finally conquered it," said Schoenfeld.
Although designed for exterior applications, Series 61 Anodized Effect powder coatings is also suitable for interior applications such as office and residential furniture, balustrades, door hardware, light fixtures, store fixtures, sporting goods, gaming machines as well as other industrial applications where an outdoor durability can be combined with a decorative anodizing appearance.
Headquartered in Newark, Ohio, Anomatic is the leading provider of high-volume anodized aluminum components to global packaging companies serving the cosmetics industry.
Contract awarded for On the concept of supply, transport and installation of fixed structures doors at perfileria natural anodized aluminum and glass crystal clear 6mm more accessories and hardware corresponding to Remodeling Marketing Management as detailed below fixed structure divided into three panels, perimeter frame and vertical crossbars in natural anodized aluminum profiles (March 1 / 4x3 + envidriador 1/2 x 1/2) with Hardware and accessories therefor, as system prompts to use.
It is covered with an inclined roof -- a huge silver disc -- of anodized aluminium which has been folded into diagonal triangular facets to frame glazed units and to diffuse light entering the room.
Manifolds - Anodized corrosion-resistant aluminum manifolds are new from EMI Corp.