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of or at or relating to an anode



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Moon, S-M, Pyun, S-I, 'The Formation and Dissolution of Anodic Oxide Films on Pure Aluminium in Alkaline Solution.
Metal dissolution--the surface of a metal anode begins to dissolve as part of the oxidation-reduction reactions (dissolved metal remains in an anodic film)
Key words: anodic oxidation, aluminum, thickness layer
The negative shift in the corrosion potential suggests that the coating inhibits the cathodic processes more effectively than the anodic processes.
BASF's customers for anodic technology and ASM will be supplied by Alcea.
Provides vital packaging technologies and process knowledge for silicon direct bonding, anodic bonding, glass frit bonding, and related techniques
Purchase - For digital X-ray diagnostic system (set) Table 1 X-ray studies;2 anodic voltage generator;3 X-ray tube;4 X-ray control console;5 digital X-ray detector;6 of imaging and diagnostic workstation;7 images archiving and communication system.
Before this, manufacturers had to rely on fusion bonding and anodic bonding, both of which generate large amounts of heat, damaging sensitive components.
Many of the workarounds to make anodic coatings perform better in the field, such as designating specific detergents within the cleaning protocols, just don't work in practice," indicated Jack Tetrault, president of Sanford Process Corporation (SPC) in Woonsocket, R.
The topics include nanotechnology applications of nucleic acid programmable protein arrays (NAPPA), the label-free detection of NAPPA with mass spectrometry, anodic porous alumina (APA) as a label-free NAPPA, cell-free expression and APA for NAPPA and protein nanocrystallography, structural and functional studies on the Heliobacter pylori proteome, organ transplants and gene microarrays, and signaling networks that simulate biochemical interactions with applications to molecular oncology.
corr] were calculated from the intersection of the cathodic and anodic Tafel curves extrapolated cathodic and anodic polarization curves.
The filament moves by anodic attack of the metal surface.
Product offerings include a comprehensive line of non-toxic organic, inorganic, and hybrid corrosion inhibitors that combat corrosion through anodic, cathodic and ion-scavenging mechanisms.
Hydrogen Permeable Membranes from Palladium Coated Anodic Alumina (Ian Brown, Jeremy Wu, Melanie Nelson, Mark Bowden, and Tim Kemmitt)
a) For fixed portion Anodised aluminium (anodised transparent or dyed to required shade according to IS: 1868, Minimum anodic coating of prarle AC