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of or at or relating to an anode



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Optical characteristics of pore size on porous anodic aluminium oxide films with embedded
The anodic oxide film formed at 58[degrees]C exhibits lower dielectric properties compared with the amorphous oxide films at 8[degrees]C and 25[degrees]C [10].
CV and EIS measurements were performed under three different anodic conditions: (i) broth in buffer (P-LB) (ii) broth with inoculum (P-LBG) and (iii) broth with inoculum and NR (P-LBG-NR) as mediator, in potential range of -0.
Keywords: Anodic aluminum oxide, cracks, characterization, tubular membrane, nanostructures
In this technique preconcentration is caused by reduction of the metal ion to the elemental state, and the stripping step is accomplished by a positive potential scan that gives an anodic current when the preconcentrated metal is oxidized.
At present, in order to improve the performance of magnesium alloy to use time became long, applications try to expand the scope, has many techniques are applied to the magnesium alloy surface treatment, the main treatment methods commonly used in a chemical oxidation, metal coating, anodic oxidation, organic coating, micro arc oxidation, some methods can be matched with organic coating, through treatment, relatively dense protective film formed on the surface of magnesium alloy, or coating so as to improve the corrosion resistance of magnesium alloy.
In this solvent the ratio of anodic to cathodic peak currents (Ipa/Ipc) and cathodic to anodic peak separation (DEp = Epc-Epa) for the second redox process (BzV+/BzV) was found to be 0.
These electrons are transferred to anode in anodic chamber followed by passing through circuit to the cathode.
He said the new model's aluminum alloy design coupled with an anodic oxidation process makes the Meizu m3 note feel "incredible to touch.
The study shows that in anodic water -- water with a positive charge -- protons are formed in the context of the occurring electrolysis.
However, when the rivet is used to join non-ferrous materials such as Al or Mg, the applied coating also needs to act as a buffer to prevent galvanic coupling between the more cathodic steel and the anodic light metal being fastened.
Other topics include anodic oxidation of titanium, silica extraction from rice husk, indoor formaldehyde neutralization, and the performance of rutile as an antibacterial agent in ceramic tiles.
In order to improve osseointegration various surface modification techniques such as plasma spraying [6], magnetron sputtering [7], acid and alkali treatments [8], bioactive hydroxyl apatite coating [9], anodic oxidation [10] have been employed.
The major types are cathodic epoxy, cathodic acrylic, and anodic.
CHEMEON AlSeal processed anodic coatings do not show signs of corrosion or pit formation after 480 hours salt spray on highly alkaline, predipped test coupons," says Alp Manavbasi, Ph.