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small buffalo of the Celebes having small straight horns

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Aware as he was of the exceptional experience of the Puritans in the New World as a minority, persecuted group looking for religious and political reforms, Armah modeled the journeys and motives of Anoa and the twenty youngsters on their religious eschatology.
The account of the execution of the askari by those who migrate into the forest, Armah's bitter condemnations of King Atobra of Poano, King Koranche of Anoa, his courtiers and his spokesman Otumfur, and the trapping and execution of the mercenary killer, Bofo by Insanusi, are indications that Armah is not prejudiced in his reconstruction of slavery.
Total serum ANA/ ANoA was measured with indirect immunofluorescence microscopy using commercially available slides prepared from human epithelial cells (HEp-2) as substrate (INOVA Diagnostics, San Diego, CA, USA), as described previously (Burek and Rose 1995); these are the same methods applied in our studies of adults exposed to inorganic and MeHg (Gardner et al.
Anoa live in forests and swamps on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi but are listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, with just 2,500 mature individuals estimated to remain.
67%) operates in Block A which has the 10,000 b/d Anoa field (15,000 b/d in early 2003) and a major gas field.
Along the banks we caught sight of both the (supposedly) almost extinct species of dwarf buffalo, and the highland and lowland anoa (small cattle).
Our successful bond transaction supported by lead advisor Goldman Sachs and both ADS Securities and Anoa Capital generated a tremendous amount of investor talk internationally that demonstrated the excellent work carried out by our team in concluding the deal.
The resounding aNoa in Sundayas referendum in Greece has set Athens up for further clash with European creditors and uncertain future in eurozone.
A aNoa vote could force Greece to exit the eurozone which would lead to further economic contraction.
67%) operates in Block A which has the 15,000 b/d Anoa field and a major gas field.
In Indonesia, production from the Premier-operated Natuna Sea Block A remains stable with higher gas demand for GSA 1 and GSA 2 from the Anoa and Pelikan fields, offset in part by lower production from the non-operated Kakap field.
Greece would have to introduce another currency if the aNoa vote prevails in Sunday's bailout referendum, European Parliament President A Martin Schulz has said.
Another major source of profit for KUFPEC is the offshore Anoa oil and gas field, on a West Natuna tract - Block A - in which it has a one-third holding.
Premier Oil, which in Sept 1996 bought Chevron's 67% stake in Block A, has the 15,000 b/d Anoa field and a major gas field.
Global capitalists have a huge consumption for Abu Dhabi endowments, said the chairman of ADS Securities, that was one of the joint book-runners, with Goldman Sachs International and Anoa Capital that mounted the Etihad Airways Platform Financing bond worth $700 million.