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small buffalo of the Celebes having small straight horns

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The hardships encountered by the people of Anoa at their crossing of the swamps reminds us of the Puritans' sea voyage across the Atlantic and, by the same token, the Exodus of the people of Israel because the three events are all mass migrations involving escape from both religious and political oppression and the passage of a whole people across a vast, hostile landscape.
When the people of Anoa cross the bog and settle in a new homeland near the ocean, though, Armah endows his setting with definite and concrete topographical contours.
For instance, when wise Isanusi and Idawa fled the town of Anoa, they found refuge there.
The group's liberation of Anoa stands too much at the level of symbol because it is presented as a victory which should pave the way for many others and which would augur new forms of resistance against the invaders.
Elevated ANA titers were associated with log-transformed changes in Hg but not Se level ANA and ANoA were analyzed in serum samples from all participants.
All six of these cytokines, both pro- and anti-inflammatory, were decreased in the high Hg and ANA/ANoA+ group compared with the low Hg and ANA/ ANoA negative group (Table 3).
We found that elevated MeHg exposures were associated with high titers of ANA, but not ANoA, in the serum.
Main and inset, an anoa calf named Lasola, which has been delivered by its mother Oana at Chester Zoo Pic:Steve Rawlins/Chester Zoo/PA
Labbo village forest-Pattaneteang into community-based learning center Anoa
Inventory of potential to be made by the public with expert is a continuation of the observations made during the grand palnning to determine the approximate population of anoa in the woods and Pattaneteang Labbo village , as well as to determine the detailed location for water catchment vegetation propagation and multiplication anoa feed .
Anoa learning center is basically digging , collecting and documenting information about anoa knowledge society and knowledge derived from community-based conservation activities in the forests Anoa village .
Premier is, meanwhile, modifying its Anoa facilities to enable this export of gas.
Total deliveries of Kakap and Anoa gas are soon to reach a plateau level of about 325 MCF/day, with throughput being built up gradually since January).
In the third quarter of 1990 the offshore Anoa oilfield, on a Natuna tract in which KUFPEC has a one-third holding together with Chevron and Texaco, started up at an initial rate of 7,500 b/d.
Analysis of genetic diversity of domestic water buffaloes and anoas based on variations in the mitochondrial gene for cytochrome b.