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an indicator that announces which electrical circuit has been active (as on a telephone switchboard)

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Other products include protocol converters, Substation Alarm Annunciators, Terminal Servers, modems, and Source Code Libraries.
PRODUCT OVERVIEW II-15 Overview II-15 Fire Alarm - Defined II-15 Fire Alarm System II-15 Fire Alarm Equipment II-15 Fire Alarm Panels II-15 Conventional System II-16 Conventional Fire Alarm Panels II-16 Addressable System II-16 Addressable Control Panels II-16 Voice Evacuation Systems II-17 Evolution of Voice Evacuation System II-17 Fire Alarm Devices II-17 Annunciators II-17 Notification Devices II-17 Audible Alarms II-17 Visual Alarms II-18 Development of Strobes II-18 Audible Visual Alarms II-18 Manual Pull Stations II-18
During this period alarm annunciators were found at the process end of the application and/or within centralised control rooms.
In today s busy, complex, sometimes far-flung world of business, usually the best we can do is signal our desire to communicate with someone - the answering machine, e-mail or, in the nursing home, sounding an annunciator alarm or blaring out the party's name over the public address system.
In this research, expert analysts thoroughly examine the following technologies: conventional fire alarm panels, addressable fire alarm panels, voice evacuation systems, notification appliances, fire alarm annunciators, and manual pull stations.
ASE has long been committed to developing world class communication products including ASE2000, Bell 202 Modems, SPT Protocol Translators, and SAM Substation Alarm Annunciators.
Rows of LED annunciators warn of specific channel alarm conditions.
The Intelli-Barrier Automatic Vehicle Intrusion System integrates vehicle barriers with various state-of-the-art threat detection sensors, including CCTV, laser-curtain intrusion detection, wide area lighting, and annunciators.
Product Overview II-7 Overview II-7 Fire Alarm -Defined II-7 Fire Alarm System II-7 Fire Alarm Equipment II-7 Fire Alarm Panels II-7 Conventional System II-8 Conventional Fire Alarm Panels II-8 Addressable System II-8 Addressable Control Panels II-8 Voice Evacuation Systems II-9 Evolution of Voice Evacuation System II-9 Fire Alarm Devices II-9 Annunciators II-9 Notification Devices II-9 Audible Alarms II-9 Visual Alarms II-10 Development of Strobes II-10 Audible Visual Alarms II-10 Manual Pull Stations II-10
Product Segment - Annunciators, Notification Appliances and
The system provides a large LED display of gas value and a backlit LCD displaying system settings, data review, sensor information, and visual and audible alert annunciators.
by code and the Klamath Fire Marshal) annunciators, an interface with metasys to shut down the building supply and return fans and interposing relays to shut down the room s standalone HVAC units, integrate, if feasible, with the existing manual single action 3 (by floor) pull station alarm system, and all other equipment necessary for a complete operational system.
Table 28: World Historic Review for Annunciators by Geographic
The company also offers optical turnstiles, waist-high mechanical turnstiles, door alarms, annunciators, pushbuttons, key switches, tailgate detection, and mantrap systems.
Features of the COTS standard unit can be modified including display and annunciators, key nomenclature and software.