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Synonyms for annulment

Synonyms for annulment

Synonyms for annulment

the state of being cancelled or annulled


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(law) a formal termination (of a relationship or a judicial proceeding etc)

the act of abrogating

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After a few acting like a permanent marriage, divorce, annulment of marriage and see, it takes all the measures to allocate all these actions must be registered within a month.
HB 6027 provides for a process of annulment of marriage that is not "extremely adversarial in nature" and inexpensive as compared to Executive Order NO.
Poor women cannot afford the current exorbitant expense for legal separation or annulment of marriage.
MANILA -- The Supreme Court has taken a liberal stand in allowing the annulment of marriage on the ground of psychological incapacity as it reversed itself and nullified the marriage of two individuals saying a strict implementation of the rules would allow diagnosed sociopaths, schizophrenics, narcissists and the like to stay married.
In his explanatory note to his bill, Teodoro says there have been efforts to introduce divorce in the Philippines so that couples in failed marriages can have another chance to remarry, in addition to getting an annulment of marriage or a declaration of nullity.
The Catholic church accommodates the annulment of marriage provided the conditions for a Catholic marriage were not met before or after the matrimonial rites.
His proposal recognizes "spousal violence, infidelity and abandonment as presumptive psychological incapacity constituting ground for the annulment of marriage.
and Gregorio Honasan II indicated strong opposition to the divorce bill, offering instead to review existing processes for civil annulment of marriages on the rocks.
Please kindly note that annulment of marriages is a different matter than divorce and subject to different proceedings.
A bill legalizing Church-decreed annulment of marriages has been approved by the House committee on population and family relations.
The Philippine government, however, allows civil annulment of marriages for couples who want to dissolve their marriage due to irreconcilable differences.
Thus, he has moved to simplify the process for church annulment of marriages and to alleviate the anguish of those excluded from the Church after being compelled to leave their spouses or undergo an abortion.