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Synonyms for annulment

Synonyms for annulment

Synonyms for annulment

the state of being cancelled or annulled


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(law) a formal termination (of a relationship or a judicial proceeding etc)

the act of abrogating

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Following an application made by President Yanukovych's legal team, the General Court ruled in March 2015 that Ukraine must pay the costs incurred by President Yanukovych opposing the Ukrainian authorities' attempt to intervene in the annulment proceedings.
The changes also allow any first appeals of annulment decisions to be made at the local level instead of at the Vatican.
An annulment, formally known as a "decree of nullity", is a ruling that a marriage was not valid according to Church law because certain prerequisites, such as free will, psychological maturity and openness to having children, were lacking.
But now her fiance is having trouble getting an annulment of his previous marriage, and the couple is frustrated.
Pope Francis spoke of the time when, as bishop of Buenos Aires, he fired an unidentified church tribunal official because he told someone that for $10,000 he would "take care of" both church and civil procedures over the annulment.
That was one in a series of annulments by the European court of the designations of Iranian individuals and companies from the EU sanctions list.
The annulment of the much-criticized articles is a victory for opposition parties and nongovernmental organizations, which had slammed the government for establishing an authoritarian, Gestapo-like regime.
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, June 17, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- On Monday, June 16, 2014, the Court of First Instance issued a ruling that said that the Puerto Rico Treasury Department has five days from the day of the ruling to notify Doral as to the basis of the annulment of 2012 Closing Agreement.
It argued that the CHP specified its reasoning for some articles as it demanded cancel of the HSYK law, which grants the government broad powers over judiciary, but it did not clarify why it wants annulment of other articles.
Summary: Electricite du Liban workers will stage sit-ins and suspend work on April 10 and 11 to protest the annulment of basic articles in the company's new budget.
After Kim filed for divorce, she offered Kris a 10-million-dollar payoff, with the agreement that he would not continue to pursue an annulment to their marriage on the grounds of fraud," Radar Online quotes a source close to the situation as saying.
To that end, the two-fold purpose of this article is to promote a professional conversation in the literature of the meaning of marriage, divorce and annulment to adherents of various religions and to provide an overview of the role of the counselor in working with Roman Catholic clients who are in the process of the annulment of their marriage.
There are now 67 brave senators and MPs who had appealed for the annulment of the law which the French senate adopted to contradict the French Revolution," Bagis told a panel discussion at the Brookings Institute in Doha.
People seeking legal assistance for Divorce or Family Law matters can now purchase affordable consultations and legal services with top Divorce attorneys, Family Law attorneys and Annulment attorneys from Legal Action Workshop.
According to him, annulment of the transit fee to Serbia would reduce costs for Macedonian transporters.