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a toroidal shape

(Fungi) a remnant of the partial veil that in mature mushrooms surrounds the stem like a collar

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Pinho, "Fully Developed Laminar Flow of Purely Viscous Non-Newtonian Liquids Through Annuli, Including the Effects of Eccentricity and Inner-Cylinder Rotation," Int.
Cementum annuli aging is widely considered the most accurate method.
1992) used this species to test the assumption that external shell annuli are formed yearly.
The Poincare sections in the thin and thick annuli are calculated starting from the middle of the tracer line, as shown in Figs.
For each mackerel species five methods of determining length-at-age from otoliths were investigated: observed (Obsv); category-adjusted (Adj-cat); formula-adjusted (Adj-frm); back-calculation to all annuli (BC-all); and back-calculation to the last annulus only (BC-last).
The strength of the net circulation reaches a maximum for a given cylindrical annuli with the eccentricity in the range of 0 < [epsilon] < + 0.
Laminar and Turbulent Flow in Annuli of Unit Eccentricity", Can.
A small series of matched (same fish) fin ray samples were cut at the suture terminus and at the d/2 positions; some of these were also cut immediately distal to the condyle (basal cut) and the numbers of annuli were counted and compared.
Aging criteria that exclude faint translucent zones (checks) in counts of annuli and criteria that include faint zones were both tested.
Age estimation was made by identifying and counting annuli following Williams and Bedford (1974).
When the OR-TL was sigmoid shaped and all annuli were used, employing a least-squares linear regression coupled with a log-transformed Lee back-calculation equation (y-intercept corrected) resulted in the least error; when only the last annulus was used, employing a direct proportionality back-calculation equation resulted in the least error.
The section was mounted on a microscope slide with thermoplastic glue (CrystalBond 509 adhesive) and was polished with wet or dry sandpaper (grit sizes ranging from 220-2000) until annuli were visible.
Counts of annuli in otolith thin sections have been used to age many species of fish, including red snapper.
Reevaluation of the interpretation of annuli from otoliths of a long-lived fish, Anoplopoma fimbria.
We also recorded differences in growth parameters obtained from back-calculated length-at-age derived from measurements to the last annulus only and from measurements of all annuli up to the sampling age.