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Legs: yellowish with annulations on all segments except coxae.
Description: Straight, horizontal, unbranched, ellipsoidal burrow exhibiting regularly spaced annulations.
Segments II through IX have secondary annulations and have 3 to 8 (mostly 5 or 6) 38 to 50 [micro]m long ventral and dorsal bifid setae per bundle with equal length teeth.
No annulations on the perisarc were seen and no gonophores were observed.
J'ai tire cette hypothese de Georges Duby (Le chevalier, la femme et le pretre, 1981) et d'Un futur sans avenir de Pierre Chaunu (1979), pour suggerer (dans Plaisir d'amour et crainte de Dieu, 1990 et plus explicitement dans Mariage et famille, 1993) que l'exigence du celibat ecclesiastique et religieuxnesaurait disparaitre sans que Romen'autorisele divorse pour certains motifs au lieu de continuer a multiplierles annulations comme elle le fait depuis quelques decennies.
Negative results can also be due to annulations or unexpected termination of programmes, which have failed to deliver desired results.
Selon ADP, la situation restait neanmoins "calme" hier dimanche matin a Roissy et Orly, oE des PC de crise ont ete installes, les annulations de vols ayant ete anticipees par les compagnies.
Legs: Forelegs reddish brown, with very faintly suggested darker annulations on fore femur and indication of single irregular pale annulation on basal portion of fore tibia, middle and hind femur and tibia uniform medium brown, faintly annulate with dark yellow in male, extreme apices black.
Scape of antenna slender, long, yellowish-white speckling with brownish scales sparsely, without pecten; flagellum dilated, metallic dark brown at basal 1/ 3 with long hairs, dark brown at basal part and then yellowish-white, with brownish annulations beyond the dilated basal part; apical part blackish (Fig.
Lysania show distinct color patterns of white anterolateral abdominal bands and light annulations of the legs, whereas members of Zoica are uniformly yellow-brown to brown.
Quelques annulations "a chaud" etaient de nouveaux affichees sur les panneau du terminal 2F de l'aeroport parisien de Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle hier matin, troisieme jour de conflit dans l'aerien contre un encadrement plus strict du droit de greve, a rapporte une journaliste de l'AFP.
1): Forecoxa white with brown base, subbasal and subapical annulations; forefemur white with broad medial and apical annulations.
Basal segment of antenna grayish brown dorsally; flagellum pale grayish orange with pale brown annulations.
Legs: leg length I > II > IV > III; orange-brown, with dark annulations.
Legs: Mostly reddish brown; tibiae with bases and apices with short yellow annulations, foretibiae sometimes more broadly yellow distally; tarsi brown.