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The burrow is unwalled and exhibits annulated rib-like characteristic features on the surface.
unlike Afghanistan or Iraq, where war became part of people's every day life, contributing to their social chaos, people learning to survive it, representing the menace as the Western world, USA or Europe, terrorism generates an unseen chaos, of a world that loses its stability mark, whose canons are annulated, in which death dislocates mundane routine.
Segmentation: Secondary annulation present; 1-3 simple, first and second with irregular annulation, longitudinally grooved; third smooth; 4-10 with 2 simple ringlets, similar in size (Figs 2, 4, 5); 11 and those that follow simple, ventrally irregularly annulated; postclitellar segments simple, randomly annulated.
Pedicels either annulated throughout or with 2-11 (n = 10) distal annulations, length 110-820 [micro]m (n = 10), diameter 75-120 [micro]m (n = 10).
Among the other genera of globular Collembola in Australia, Temeritas is distinct because of the relatively large size of species (nearly 2 mm long), their strongly annulated antennae that are longer than the body, and attractive colour patterns and bands (Fig.
The one-to-one-correspondance emphasizes the discrimination of a specific counting code for each object (Word, or Arabic or other form); the child must coordinate two processes: first each item to be counted must be transferred from the original category to the counting category (division), once counted the item must be annulated in order to not be counted twice (tagging).
Changing hierarchy * Relationships between main and secondary actions * Real relationships between main actions * Real relationships between secondary actions * Simulated relationships between main and secondary actions * Annulated between main and secondary actions 7.
The California Academy of Sciences virus, CASV, came from an annulated tree boa at the academy.
It could be shown that the annulated voltage depends on the phase difference between controller and supply network and its influence on result is significant.
This analysis suggested that 42% of the energy output from draws of these two types could potentially be recovered on the next draw with annulated pipes.
This problem has a unique solution if its coefficients satisfy the Holder condition, the free coefficient is not annulated and [x.
Up-to-date surgical treatment of scaphoid fractures and nonunions requires incorporation of numerous innovations of the last ten years, including the headless Herbert screw, the annulated headless screw, and improved techniques for vascularized bone grafts.
DIAGNOSIS: Recognized by the pale green dorsum, distinctly annulated antennal segment II (annulations sometimes obscure in 9), hyaline hemelytron, three distinct black spots (one on the apex of the clams and two on the inner margin of the cuneus) (Fig.