annular eclipse

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only a thin outer disk of the sun can be seen

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An annular eclipse has not been observed on American soil since 1994 and was broadcast live on TV in Tokyo.
The annular eclipse on May 20th will offer observers a rare and spectacular view as the Moon passes directly between the Sun and Earth.
An annular eclipse occurs when the moon passes between Earth and the sun (see diagram, below).
An annular eclipse occurs when the sun and moon are exactly in line, with the sun appearing as a very bright ring, or annulus, surrounding the outline of the moon.
This is an annular eclipse which will start in Congo, peak at the Pacific and end in the east of China," Bahrain Astronomical Society vice-president and Bahrain University applied physics professor Dr Waheeb Alnaser told the GDN.
Md Rasooldeen | Arab News <p>RIYADH: Special prayers to mark an annular eclipse in Saudi Arabia were held in mosques throughout the Kingdom on Friday morning.
An annular eclipse occurs when the moon covers the centre of the sun, but not its edges as in a solar eclipse.
According to astronomical websites, the last annular eclipse occurred roughly 1 year ago, January 26, 2009.
The spectacle, visible in a roughly 300-kilometre (185-mile) band running 12,900 kilometers (8,062 miles) across the globe, set a record for the longest annular eclipse that will remain unbeaten for more than a thousand years.
1 The Taj Mahal; 2 Ginger; 3 Friends; 4 1971; 5 Seven; 6 Chelsea; 7 Fats Waller; 8 Australia; 9 John Keats; 10 Annular eclipse.
ANSWERS: 1 The Taj Mahal; 2 Ginger; 3 Friends; 4 1971; 5 Seven; 6 Chelsea; 7 Fats Waller; 8 Australia; 9 John Keats; 10 Annular eclipse.
If, however, Anaxagoras was in Athens, he could have both witnessed the annular eclipse and found out who else had seen the eclipse simply by hanging out in Athens' port the Piraeus and talking with seamen, merchants and travelers.
It will still be slightly smaller than the Sun, producing an annular eclipse that leaves a ring of light in the sky, rather than a total eclipse.
I was disappointed to see no pictures of the annular eclipse from our region in the Gazette on Saturday night (though there were excellent pictures from Scotland and Athens).
Stargazers Patrick Moore and Queen guitarist Brian May, who has a PhD in astronomy, travelled to Talmine, on the Kyle of Tongue, Sutherland to see the rare annular eclipse.