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Synonyms for annually



Synonyms for annually

without missing a year

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Human Papilloma Virus (HPV): no proof of risk reduction, 12 million new cases annually, worldwide.
This is a direct result of the decline in disk access density as disk capacity has been increasing at 60% annually while disk performance is increasing at well below 10% annually.
8 million lb and will continue to grow 6% annually.
Rather, it may be payable annually or more frequently (e.
0 percent, bringing starting salaries to the range of $54,750 to $69,000 annually.
8 million annually and providing no coverage for the first $100,000 of any claim.
Because so many cases escape detection, 1 million infected women annually progress to pelvic inflammatory disease.
52 percent of camps serve less than 1000 children annually
Annually compounded growth of natural rubber demand through 2000 is expected to be flat.
A qualified interest is a right to receive fixed annuity payments at least annually (a GRANT), or a right to receive, at least annually, annuity payments that are a fixed percentage of the trust's assets revalued annually on the anniversary of the trust's creation (a GRUNT), or any noncontingent remainder interest if all other interests in the trust are GRANTS or GRUNTS.
1 million metric tons annually at a rate of 6% peryear, Sandcast and gravity feed aluminum castings also are forecasted to have a growth rate near 6%.
Collection of refuse in the 2-wheeled bins, approximately 415 000 pickups annually.
Edwards is the largest center of employment for the Antelope Valley, with a work force of some 12,000 people and an estimated economic impact of more than $2 billion annually.
This is the olderst and most prestigous Player of the Year award and is presented annually to the best women's basketball player in NCAA Division I.
Travelling the dusty side roads north of New Liskeard, thousands of tourists stumble across his place of business annually, Belle Vallee Wools, curious to catch a glimpse of one of Canada's only wool mills that takes the process straight from breeding the sheep to the manufacturing of colourful tartan blankets.