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Now," said the unknown to Franz, "I do not know if you are of my opinion, but I think nothing is more annoying than to remain two or three hours together without knowing by name or appellation how to address one another.
Well, I must say it is most annoying to lose anything.
But this superadded consciousness, wearying and annoying enough when it urged on me the trivial experience of indifferent people, became an intense pain and grief when it seemed to be opening to me the souls of those who were in a close relation to me--when the rational talk, the graceful attentions, the wittily-turned phrases, and the kindly deeds, which used to make the web of their characters, were seen as if thrust asunder by a microscopic vision, that showed all the intermediate frivolities, all the suppressed egoism, all the struggling chaos of puerilities, meanness, vague capricious memories, and indolent make-shift thoughts, from which human words and deeds emerge like leaflets covering a fermenting heap.
I suppose it is annoying to have a sister going fast to eternal perdition, but there are compensations.
We think of it just after we get our heads and faces thoroughly wet or just when we think we have been in the bathtub long enough, and then, of course, an annoying delay follows.
Annoying girl, be joyous as of old during the five minutes of the day when you are anything to me, and for the rest of the time, so far as I am concerned, you may be as wretched as you list.
It is a trick of the Princess Langwidere to prevent visitors from annoying her.
Having to slam on the brakes when a driver in front suddenly turns off at the last minute was the number one annoying habit, the survey from the Honda car company found.
Yet while 70% of motorists admit that littering is intensely annoying,50% own up to dumping stuff themselves, according to findings from breakdown service Autonational Rescue.
It's difficult to ignore annoying behavior, but it is possible.
The carrier asked 2,000 of its European passengers what they find most annoying with the person in the seat next to them, aiming to write a "Jetiquette" for travellers.
THE hunt is on to "honour" Britain's most annoying driver.
And children in the South-west are twice as likely as youngsters in the East Midlands to do, and say, annoying things on a car journey.
OTCBB:ASIQ) wholly owned subsidiary ASiQ Pty Ltd announced today that it has applied for a patent for a new concept that allows cell phones to be operated in-flight, without interfering with the aircraft's avionics and the ground networks and eliminates the problem of annoying voice calls.