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Born from an annotative relationship with a book (but conceived outside of it), has Pessoa written differently on the occasions he used a loose leaf to annotate?
Between these two poles of the continuum, interaction can provide learners with annotative capabilities, enabling them to contribute to the information content of the VMR.
This annotative error should be forgiven, however, by anyone seriously interested in becoming better informed about the historical circumstances behind the Air Force's current space responsibilities.
The final learning component handout explains the elements of a descriptive annotative bibliography.
Spadoni includes further supplementary material: a brief chronology of Leacock's life; annotative notes to the text; Leacock's draft outline and tables of contents; attribution of fictional references to actual people and places of Orillia; Leacock's four-act play "Sunshine in Mariposa," first published in three successive instalments in Maclean's Magazine between May and July 1917; a list of substantive variants between the copy text and the manuscript; a list of substantive variants between the copy text and the serialisation of Sunshine Sketches in the Montreal Daily Star, and a select bibliography.
The stored information may include results of a homology search for the plurality of DNA sequences, annotative information for the plurality of DNA sequences indicating the biochemical functions and physiological roles of the plurality of DNA sequences, gene expression profile data for the plurality of DNA sequences describing behavioral patterns of the plurality of DNA sequences, results from clustering the plurality of DNA sequences based on time course data as described by the gene expression profile data, and other information.
On the one hand, Brenner's annotative work provides detailed factual information on "people, places, terms, events, ambiguities, and allusions to the text that the readers might not recognize or understand or, as with allusions, might misunderstand .
enhance the text with sound, graphics, or simple annotative features, there is still scant opportunity to create, collaborate, and experiment with interactive narrative structures.