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the act of adding notes

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With Rovia's first product, the RovReader, professors and students can customize their content by annotating text, highlighting sections, inserting "sticky notes," dog-earing pages, and exporting markups.
Celera Genomics uses cutting edge software technology in developing its tools for visualizing and annotating the human genome," stated Russell Turner, Head of the Visualization Team at Celera Genomics.
The Paperless Office provides functions for extensive document editing, annotating and page manipulation.
This bibliography updates the late Huckabay's previous volumes John Milton: An Annotated Bibliography, 1929-1968 and John Milton: An Annotated Bibliography, 1968-1988 by listing editions and translations of Milton's works and annotating books, essays, notes, dissertations, and other scholarship published about Milton and his works from 1989-1999.
Today, one imagines that most annotating is undertaken for "professional" as opposed to personal reasons: for example, I annotated Jackson's Romantic Readers to write this review, students annotate a biology textbook in preparation for an exam, etc.
The research involved in annotating these documents, nearly all created by very ordinary people scattered over a large area, has led Miller and his collaborators into a larger number of local historical societies and organizations on both sides of the Atlantic.
OntoGloss is an annotator used in annotating documents using concepts in the ontology.
IPRO offers a diverse suite of solutions from robust imaging, annotating, and indexing tools, to specialized document viewing and desktop imaging tools.
Finally, much of the early emphasis in genomics has been on accumulating and annotating raw sequence data.
The entries are organized into three sections: the first annotating primary sources--novels, short story collections, anthologies; the second annotating secondary sources, including book chapters and journal articles of literary criticism; and the third listing author biographies, interviews and memoirs.
CTD will be the first publicly available database to a) provide annotated associations among genes, proteins, references, and toxic agents, with a focus on annotating data from aquatic and mammalian organisms; b) include nucleotide and protein sequences from diverse species; c) offer a range of analysis tools for customized comparative studies; and d) provide information to investigators on available molecular reagents.
A PowerPoint specific tool palette gives users the flexibility of annotating slide shows on the fly and saving the mark-ups back to the original file.