anno Domini

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in the Christian era


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Robert Godfrey (professor of church history, Westminster Seminary, California) presents A Survey of Church History, Part 4 Anno Domini 1600-1800, the fourth DVD in a series about the many changes that the Christian Church has gone through since the time of Jesus Christ.
En la entrada de los Anales de Ripoll II que dice "Era LVII, anno Domini XVIIII.
His Latin motto 'Artibus Legibus Consiliis Locum Municipes Constituerunt Anno Domini MLCCCXLI' (For Arts, Law and Counsel the townspeople built this place in 1841) is still clear to see on the south facade of the hall, but this was not by unanimous choice.
Dennis the Small, who was born in Eastern Europe, is credited with being the "inventor" of the modern calendar and the concept of the Anno Domini era.
Above all, the press has translated even the work's title incorrectly into English: Anno Domini dates, of course, follow the letters AD rather than vice versa.
At an unlikely warehouse in an office park south of Ukiah, get free tastes of everything--including the $350-per-bottle Anno Domini.
However, there are still people who can afford to fly to Bangkok or Havana to celebrate the arrival of Anno Domini 2010.
Anno domini, combined with a penchant for good food and equally good wine has taken its toll on what was never the lithest of physical forms.
As the first person to coin the term anno Domini to date political and institutional history, thus linking the incarnation with political time, Bede's work is important to Davis.
It was a late October day at the Center for Superior Studies of Medieval Civilization in Poitiers, France, anno Domini 1975, when I first received news about my father's plans for a new publication in a postcard signed "Dad.
2) The contrasting fates of two virtually contemporaneous Victorian utopian novels, Anno Domini 2000; or, Woman's Destiny (1889) and News from Nowhere, or, An Epoch of Rest: Being Some Chapters from a Utopian Romance (1890), provides one fascinating example of this uneven response.
My degree, at least what of it I can decipher without looking at the translation that came with it, indicates that on XXIII MAII ANNO DOMINI MMIV, the Scholare Juris of Collegii Georgiopolitam gave me a Juris Doctorem.
AD represents the Latin term Anno Domini meaning "in the year of our Lord" while BC means "before Christ".
a) Acta et decreta concilii plenarii Americae latinae in Urbe celebrati anno Domini MDCCCXCIX, ex Typographia Vaticana, Romae 1900, CV + 462 paginas, edicion en latin.