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A sun itself, and an inexorable sun-will, ready for annihilation in victory!
The ambition of the inquirer seemed to limit itself to the annihilation of those visions on which my interest in science was chiefly founded.
With the annihilation of all capital they would vanish too; but universal ruin (providing it was universal, as it was revealed to Michaelis) would leave the social values untouched.
A rash word or a hasty act was followed by annihilation, and yet none knew what the nature might be of this terrible power which was suspended over them.
The relationship between the anomaly of positron annihilation in neon and the presence of [sup.
On the lower level is Dijkstra's video of an adolescent girl singing along to the Backstreet Boys--"I wanna be with you / It's crazy but it's true"--while looking into the lens with a mixture of assertion and annihilation of identity that is, finally, heartbreaking.
Sylvia,'' on the other hand, is one straight, dreary plod toward annihilation.
When her country folk are threatened with world annihilation, she calls upon the aid of her soldier lover, her friends, other warriors who crossed time, and even dragons and former enemies such as trolls.
I believe that stopping the annihilation of life on this planet is lawful," testified Urfer.
With the Cold War over, a window of opportunity has been opened to finally free the world from the threat of nuclear annihilation, argues Bishop Leroy T.
About half are now extinct, the victims of overfishing, habitat loss, and annihilation by the Nile perch, an introduced fish whose numbers exploded in the 1980s.
As well as the 589 ceramics abstracts, the issue includes original papers on all of the major material groups, and theory: Positron Annihilation in Ion-Implanted ZnO (A.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) underlined Iran's preparedness to give a crushing response to any possible Israeli aggression, and said that such an aggression will speed up Israel's annihilation.
In 2003, at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), a measurement of the o-Ps annihilation rate was carried out, and the researchers reported complete agreement between the experimental value, [[lambda].
McNally and Yazbek have fashioned a vehicle that pushes the message about gender roles almost to annihilation.