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Synonyms for annihilating

wreaking or capable of wreaking complete destruction

making light of

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The old man eluded the annihilating blows of his adversary, as the light armed soldier is wont to escape the efforts of the more regular warrior, even while he annoys him most, and an hour passed away without bringing any of the numerous subjects, on which they touched, to a satisfactory conclusion.
Within the limits of his short tether he had tumbled about, annihilating the flowers of existence with greater singleness of purpose than many of the blatant personages whose company he kept.
SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt, March 28 (KUNA) -- His Highness the Amir (of Kuwait) Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah addressed inaugural session of the 26th Arab Summit, on Saturday, stressing Arab nations must collectively face challenges namely "terrorism and its annihilating ideas.
In fact our Western civilization has been victimized by far more devastating, but inconspicuous, annihilating weaponry for the last hall century.
He wrote: "This is a grave military provocation and blackmail" and added North Korea were "now in full preparedness to answer a pre-emptive attack with a relentless annihilating strike and a nuclear war".
Although Gossip-mongers will decry the absence of full-on confessionals a la Timberlake's annihilating "Cry Me a River," Spears earns a gold star for not flogging her romantic woes in order to sell records, Rather.
Here the artist reveals cosmetic "artificiality" as a preternatural and annihilating expression of our image-obsessed culture.
He discussed his quest, begun in 1938 to find out "How come we are the only class of life on planet Earth systematically annihilating one another -- usually in the name of one or another Sacred System?
LOBO, now in the care of John McGee, bounced back to his best when annihilating a top-class field in a Grand Prix Trial Stakes over Walthamstow's 640 metres on Sunday.
Rather than annihilating the medieval world-picture, Fowler maintains, post-Copernican astronomy actually complemented traditional beliefs in complex ways.
And Holy Body Tattoo tore a hole in the ozone layer with annihilating, radical energy.
Kingussie powered to the biggest winning margin in Camanachd Cup history, annihilating Newtonmore 12-1.
Leaving the fate of soil and people to the market would be tantamount to annihilating them.