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Synonyms for annex

Synonyms for annex

to add as a supplement or an appendix

a part added to a main structure

Synonyms for annex

an addition that extends a main building

take (territory) as if by conquest

attach to

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Part 2: Software for the Department of Civil Engineering - according to the specifications of the contract annexed hereto No.
Instead, East Jerusalem and its annexed suburbs are placed on the negotiating table, although somewhat separately from the rest of the West Bank.
The relative wealth of the annexed areas has also helped boost city income levels to about average levels.
A detailed description of the contract is contained in Annex 1 to the Draft agreement annexed No.
The positive outlook indicates a possible upgrade in the next one to two years if financial operations continue to be positive as the city accommodates the increased service demands of the annexed areas.
b) Development of virtualization software disk arrays or equivalent to expand by delivery of a new matrix virtualizer (minimum requirements for the new virtualizer matrix are described in Annex 1 Technical Specifications annexed hereto A);
In Stevenson Ranch, the West Ranch Town Council has opposed attempts to have the Lyons Canyon Ranch property west of Interstates 5 and south of Lyons Avenue annexed by Santa Clarita.
Once annexed to the city, Northpark residents would receive the same services as Santa Clarita residents and would no longer pay the 5 percent utility tax.
Concurrently, the area also will be annexed by the Calleguas Municipal Water District, an MWD member agency.
I don't advocate an aggressive annexation policy anywhere in the valley, not just Stevenson Ranch,'' said Santa Clarita Mayor Cameron Smyth, adding that the city must make sure that there is sufficient tax base support so any annexed area does not drain city services.
Palmer wants the property to be annexed to Los Angeles in order to have access to reliable utilities through that city's Department of Water and Power.
The agreement called for the SR Technics site to be annexed by Palmdale and that future annexations would be considered in connection with development proposals.
If property owners representing more than 50 percent of the assessed value of the annexed property protest, the annexation cannot be completed.
But according to property records obtained by The Daily News on Tuesday, Newhall Land still has control over whether or not the Marketplace - and the huge sales taxes it generates - remains in the unincorporated county or is annexed into the city of Santa Clarita.
Although Santa Clarita's ``one valley, one city'' philosophy sounds idealistic, pragmatism - not sentiment - will decide whether this community west of the freeway will be annexed into the city.