annelid worm

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Plumulitids were annelid worms - the group including earthworms, bristleworms and leeches, today found everywhere from the deepest sea to the soil in your yard.
52) These beds contain abundant and diverse sponges and cnidarians, as well as priapulid worms, annelid worms, lobopods, stem mollusks such as Wiwaxia, and brachiopods.
By sequencing the DNA and RNA from the accretion ice samples, the team identified thousands of bacteria, including some that are commonly found in the digestive systems of fish, crustaceans and annelid worms, in addition to fungi and two species of archaea, or single-celled organisms that tend to live in extreme environments.
It has extensive habitats of sand and gravel sediments, which are dominated by annelid worms, clams and crustaceans.
The final group is the annelid worms, whose body is almost entirely formed of identical segments, such as sea and earthworms.
The researchers speculate that the proposed group included various ancestors of modern-day mollusks, annelid worms, and brachiopods.