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bring to a desired consistency, texture, or hardness by a process of gradually heating and cooling

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That is, primers 3 and 4 anneal to and ligate across the (1+2) product, and primers 1 and 2 anneal to and ligate across the (3+4) product.
This allows oligo dT to anneal to mRNA and to serve as the primer from which the first strand of cDNA is synthesized.
Brass will anneal at 600 degrees, but it takes an hour at that temperature.
If a power failure occurs while the furnace is near its upper temperature limit of 2,500F and the outage continues, $100,000 worth of heating elements inside the furnace could be lost, as well as any parts under-going the anneal.
Working with SEMATECH, we have demonstrated that high-pressure anneals are both effective and manufacturing-worthy approaches to high-k/Si interface defect passivation.
This amplification efficiency approaches that of PCR, and with similar specificity as defined by the need for two primers to anneal to matching target sequences.
Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have discovered that interrupting the nanorod growth process results in thinner copper rods that fuse together, or anneal, at about 300 degrees Celsius.
15 of the top 17 Logic Manufacturers are Using Ultratech's Laser Spike Anneal Technology
the leader in rapid thermal processing (RTP), today announced its new Applied Vantage([R]) Astra([TM]) millisecond anneal system, an important breakthrough in transistor fabrication that enables faster, lower power consumption devices.
The rapidity with which this cooling occurs and the vast molar excess of primer relative to template strands means that it is much more likely that the primers will anneal to their complementary regions on the template than the two longer template molecules will anneal to each other.
A higher temperature anneal can recover some toughness lost due to high nitrogen and aluminum content.
The parts were sheared, preformed, and finish formed on a multistation cold former, followed by an intermediate anneal and surface coating.
Using the BX-10 for implant and anneal module control, IC makers can decrease monitor wafer usage and increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of both the ion implant and anneal process steps.