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a historian who writes annals

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Ultimately, her thesis--that "authors of modern and contemporary Irish literature return to and reimagine the events of 1152-1172 in order to disrupt the received causal narrative of Irish history, to reframe a range of present conflicts in light of that history and to invite alternative conceptions of the modern nation"--engages more with Cambrensis's narrative than with the alternative accounts by Irish annalists, though she cites them as the force instigating reconsiderations of Diarmuid, Dervorgilla, and their legacies from the nineteenth century onward (13).
28] The annalist also reported with satisfaction that Bishop Pontbriand, who began his twenty-year term of office in 1741, from the outset appreciated the merits of the Superior and "relied entirely on her prudence for all the conduct of the House.
From the annals, one learns much about the personality of the annalist as well as the regularities of daily life both within and beyond the convent walls.
Taylor Phillips; Simon Wolf, annalist of American Jewish soldiers in the Civil War, and immigration attorney and author/historian Max Kohler, who wrote on Haym Salomon, Rebecca Franks, and the Dreyfuss Affair.
In awarding Naipaul the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2001, the Swedish Academy named him "Conrad's heir as the annalist of the destinies of empires in the moral sense: what they do to human beings.
bg/2011/" target="_blank"> the assessment by an international jury, headed by the world's leading annalist of the PR markets Paul Holmes.
The interview was conducted by Juan Castillo a senior annalist with the Wall Street Reporter.
the old house crumbled; the ruins Would litter, as already the leaves, this petted sward; And no annalist went in to the lord or the peons; The antiquary would finger the bits of shard.
The Isle of May, on the Firth of Forth, is traditionally known as the burial place of St Ethernan who, according to an Iona annalist, died 'among the Picts' in AD 669.
Henry Saxe Wyndham, the annalist of Covent Garden, barely mentions the episode--which is the odder given that three-quarters of a century earlier, Genest had provided a crisp and accurate summary of the affair, drawing on manuscript as well as printed sources.
IMC-Jordan also focused on granting international certificates, such as the Certified Management Consultant (CMC), the Certified Manager (CM), and the Certified Valuation Annalist (CVA).
Emerentia Lonergan, the community annalist from 1899 to 1917, who had been both a former teacher and mistress of the boarding school, described the community's reflections on this gathering:
For 1885-1924, they are years in which prices first appear in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) listings of The Annalist, Bradstreet's, The Commercial and Financial Chronicle, or The New York Times.
Fortunately, one Christian annalist abstained from joining his colleagues in the malevolent defamation of the Jews.
Florence of Worcester was a careful annalist of his time and surroundings and, when he died in 1118, John of Worcester continued his work in equally careful detail up to 1131 before adding more material at a later date up until 1140.