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abnormal adhesion and rigidity of the bones of a joint


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The average time taken by bony ankylosis and complete arthodesis was 8 months (range 7 to 10 months).
Adams-Ray WE, James JH: Cancrum oris: functional and cosmetic reconstruction in patients with ankylosis of the jaws.
necrosis, replacement resorption, and ankylosis or combination of these, and to take any measure accordingly.
The stifle was deemed stable at a normal perching angle, with ankylosis of the joint.
The frequency of abnormal healing, including RR and ankylosis, was shown in [Table 2].
Hypodontia, ankylosis and infraocclusion: report of a case restored with a fibre reinforced ceromeric bridge.
7% dental specialists responded that for TMJ ankylosis, Dautrey procedure is a treatment modality.
However, it should be kept in mind that careful regular follow-up is obligatory because of the possible complications such as pulp necrosis, pulp canal obliteration, ankylosis, inflammatory root resorption, surface resorption and bone loss in alveoler process bone fracture.
As Wnt signaling inhibitors, the expression of Dickkopf (DKK)-1 and sclerostin were reduced in the spine of proteoglycan-induced spondylitis mice (2) and blockade of DKK-1 induces fusion of sacroiliac joints in tumor necrosis factor (TNF) transgenic mice, (3) implicating the Wnt pathway as a likely mediator of the mechanism by which inflammation induces bony ankylosis in spondyloarthritis.
The radiographic features of peripheral joint involvement included soft-tissue swelling, erosion, joint space narrowing, ankylosis and new bone formation.
Radiographs show clustered vascular calcifications between the first and second metatarsals, ankylosis of the second distal interphalangeal joint, and chronic bony remodeling along the diaphysis of the second middle phalanx, compatible with a slow-growing, benign adjacent soft tissue process (Figure 1).
To the best of the author's knowledge, no case of a patient with stapediovestibular ankylosis who was also coinfected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV) has been previously described in the literature.
Facilitated blind nasotracheal intubation in paralysed patients with temporomandibular joint ankylosis.
In this process hard dental tissues are replaced by the alveolar process bone, which is unfavorable and leads to ankylosis [15].