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Synonyms for anklet

a shoe for a child or woman that has a strap around the ankle

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a sock that reaches just above the ankle

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an ornament worn around the ankle

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Chaplets too, resembling in their arrangement the strawberry coronal worn by an English peeress, and composed of intertwined leaves and blossoms, often crowned their temples; and bracelets and anklets of the same tasteful pattern were frequently to be seen.
In short we went on board with the Frenchmen, who, after having ascertained all they wanted to know about us, rifled us of everything we had, as if they had been our bitterest enemies, and from Zoraida they took even the anklets she wore on her feet; but the distress they caused her did not distress me so much as the fear I was in that from robbing her of her rich and precious jewels they would proceed to rob her of the most precious jewel that she valued more than all.
Yes, by Allahabad one lay still in the slack-water and let twenty go by to pick one; and, above all, the English were not cumbered with jewellery and nose-rings and anklets as my women are nowadays.
But the day I saw my younger sister wearing an anklet, I was all shades of angry.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of 73393 Pairs Khaki Web Anklet Jora (Up Police Uniform Article
Before Neal could come to know about Peter's decision, he was abducted by an unknown man and his tracking anklet was thrown away in a moving truck.
You know how much I love half dome chain anklets and anklet half
WISHING for warm weather so I can rock spring's must-have accessory - the anklet, already being sported by Rihanna and Vanessa Hudgens.
The father told the prosecutor that he had asked a salesman to remove a portion of the anklet to cut down the weight.
And so you give them the choice -- would you go to the prison or would you like an anklet.
The Silver Anklet is a well-crafted adventure that is highly recommended for readers aged 10 to 13.
At $12 a day, the anklet is a bargain, compared with $150 a day to house a minor offender such as Williams in the Loudoun County, Va.
Ando, who beat Anklet by 1-1/4 lengths in the 1,700-meter dirt race for 3-year-old maidens, accomplished the feat for the second straight year and joined Yutaka Take and Yoshitomi Shibata in the elite club.