ankle joint

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a gliding joint between the distal ends of the tibia and fibula and the proximal end of the talus

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Episurf Medical added that it has previously delivered one custom-made implant solution for a patient in Germany with an ankle joint lesion.
Based on the considerations above, the purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of wearing HS and LS on (1) ankle angle excursion during a weight-bearing dorsiflexion (WB-DF) maneuver; and (2) ankle joint kinematics (contact angle and RoM), kinetics (moment, power, and stiffness), and jump performance (jump height) in the sagittal plane during drop jumps and lay-up jumps.
Additionally, the large number of ligamentous structures and overall strength of the ligaments provide significant supplemental stability to the ankle joint articulation.
Clinical and cadaver studies on the ankle joint arthroscopy.
The stability of the ankle joint is not enhanced by fibula fixation, because axial compression fractures are not accompanied by ligamentous damage.
Therefore, in this study, we compared the morphometry of AT, the stiffness of the ankle joint, and the leg strength of swimmers with that of volleyball players.
Right knee angle: the right knee angle joint is the peak; the right ankle joint and right hip joint respectively forms two lines with the right hip joint;
Open reduction and internal fixation restores the articular congruity of the ankle joint.
Although the calves are the largest muscle group acting on the ankle joint when the foot is pointed, it's the underused intrinsic and extrinsic muscles of the feet that need to be engaged in order to access your full range of motion.
His CT scans revealed that only the ankle joint itself had been affected by the fracture which was a good sign as the total movement of the foot and ankle is only partly through the ankle.
Ankle arthritis is a clinical condition, in which the joint that connects the foot to the leg known as ankle joint, has damaged or worn out cartilage.
A vector coding technique was used to analyze sagittal plane knee and ankle joint kinematic variability, in a cohort of 12 pre-professional dancers, through discrete phases of drop landings from a height of 0.
The current study is set out to develop a platform for testing different control strategies for a closed-loop FES system for ankle joint control during quiet standing, by isolating this joint's action in the standing posture.