ankle joint

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a gliding joint between the distal ends of the tibia and fibula and the proximal end of the talus

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Non-reflex and reflex mediated ankle joint stiffness in multiple sclerosis patients with spasticity.
There were significantly larger changes in angular displacement at the ankle joint from toe strike to toe off (t (20) = 2.
On her website the injuries were described as "a severe strain of both the medial and lateral ligaments of the right ankle and torn ligaments, a torn capsule of the ankle joint, a hematoma and torn tendon sheath".
Table 2 presents the average value of the area under the support moment curve for the hip joint, the knee joint, and the ankle joint for the control and flat feet subjects.
Viscogliosi: The biggest market opportunity today in the small-bone and joint sector is total ankle joint replacement.
Moyes, who works out of the Wellington Hospital in London, said: "He will need an MRI scan to confirm the diagnosis but more importantly to exclude any other injury in or around the ankle joint such as cartilage damage or a minor fracture.
Ospreys tight-head Ross Davies has also been ruled out for the remainder of the campaign following an operation to fix the fractured left fibula and to repair ligament damage in the ankle joint.
However, he will need an MRI scan to access the severity of the lateral ligament damage and to exclude any other internal damage to the ankle joint.
In order to obtain the motion laws developed at the ankle joint we analyze a human subject without locomotion disabilities (male, age 26, 1, 73 height, 65 kg weight, femur length = 401mm; tibia length = 322 mm; foot length = 210 mm).
Da Silva] was lucky that the bones broke above the ankle joint, or he probably would never [have been able to] play soccer or walk normally again," says Dr.
PARTICIPANTS: A total of 721 patients aged 16-53 years presenting with acute unilateral sprain of the lateral ankle joint.
Bell said: "She'd run very nicely on her debut at Newmarket and was just getting into the lorry to come home when she slipped on the loading ramp and hurt an ankle joint.
They cover evaluating lesions and post-repair tissue in MRIs, making decisions in repair procedures, choosing non-operative treatments for symptomatic cartilage lesions, repairing by marrow stimulation and microfracture, stabilizing blood clots through chitosan-glycerol phosphate, conducting autologous transplantation (osteochondral, allograft and chondrocyte), conducting articular cartilage resurfacing using synthetic resorbable scaffolds, operating for cell-based repair, and performing knee osteotomy, osteochondritis dissecans, meniscus transpantation, repair strategies in the ankle joint and hip, and rehabilitation of the knee.
The experienced midfielder underwent a scan on the injury yesterday and manager Ronnie Moore said: "We think it is going to confirmthat John has a spur growing on his ankle joint which is causing the discomfort.
The woman, 38, was left seriously injuredwithher legpartially severed, dislocated and fractured at the ankle joint.