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not invariant with respect to direction

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Radiation from a uniaxially anisotropic plasma half space," IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, Vol.
The evolution of a double-peaked shape in the SPS of scattered radiation for both anisotropic Gaussian and power-law spectra of electron density fluctuations using experimental data is analyzed numerically in Section 4.
Initial works on the subject were based on 4 x 4 characteristic matrix of a single anisotropic slab [1,2].
In this paper, the investigation results of helical delay systems with internal anisotropic shields are presented.
A modified anisotropic elasto-plastic model is presented in this paper based on the frame work of Modified Cam-clay model and Sekiguchi-Ohta model by applying a new stress parameter, through which the yield locus and hardening axis in the p-q plane were adjusted to give a more reasonable description of the practical excavated stress path from initial [K.
The researchers employed laser etching and a release liner to create the anisotropic interface resulting in a medical tape with high shear strength (for strong adhesion) and low peel force (for safe, quick removal).
Among them, Almgren-Taylor-Wang [1] introduced a variational approach to constructing the anisotropic MCF.
In the generic anisotropic case, to estimate the temperature field, it is necessary to determine the thermal conductivity tensor of ground.
Generally, the stress state is anisotropic leading to the estimation of both the minimum and maximum horizontal stress.
A sampling of chapter topics: gold nanoshells in biomedical applications, spherical and anisotropic metallic nanomaterials-based NSET biosensors, biofunctionalization of spherical and anisotropic bimetallic nanomaterials, spherical and anisotropic silica shell nanomaterials, and synthesis and applications of anisotropic hexagonal boron nitride nanomaterials.
Recent researches point out the possibility to realize splitting devices using certain types of special anisotropic materials such as the ones presented in (Luo et al.
The Zwick Roell biaxial testing machine is used to characterise isotropic and anisotropic elastomers which helps researchers model the behaviour of the material.
Tenders are invited for Prf - an anisotropic ion etching etching device using plasma ii
Analytical solutions for anisotropic problems are restricted to a small number of simple field's problems.
With the anisotropic effect in sheet metal fracture behavior, the relationship between stress state and fracture strain is usually difficult to be fully determined without a good plasticity model.