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not invariant with respect to direction

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In contrast, the acoustic birefringence is much more suitable to be called "shear wave splitting" like in the seismic domain [6] where a shear wave can be splitted into two parts along principal anisotropic axes.
Dai in Wuhan City detected anisotropic Brownian motion by loading a small drop of toluidine blue solution into a container of water.
Two main theories have been introduced to describe yield strength in both isotropic and anisotropic materials: maximum shear strength theory and the distortion energy theory (known as von Mises-Hencky theory).
The tests of the approach consist of a variety of 2D anisotropic diffusion problems discretized using finite differences and finite elements on an (N + 1) x (N + 1) uniform grid.
Nature Communications published the team's breakthrough research, " Enhanced Acoustic Sensing through Wave Compression and Pressure Amplification in Anisotropic Metamaterials," in their October 15 issue, and it is the first research to uses metamaterials in improving acoustic sensing.
For example, if anisotropic surface coatings can influence the diffusion flux from a delivery device, it can be explored for controlling the drug delivery across the membrane.
presented a simplified anisotropic plasticity theory which has been used to explain the anisotropic flow of the orthotropic polycrystalline sheet metals under off-axis uniaxial tension.
A modified anisotropic elasto-plastic model is presented in this paper based on the frame work of Modified Cam-clay model and Sekiguchi-Ohta model by applying a new stress parameter, through which the yield locus and hardening axis in the p-q plane were adjusted to give a more reasonable description of the practical excavated stress path from initial [K.
The researchers employed laser etching and a release liner to create the anisotropic interface resulting in a medical tape with high shear strength (for strong adhesion) and low peel force (for safe, quick removal).
In the generic anisotropic case, to estimate the temperature field, it is necessary to determine the thermal conductivity tensor of ground.
A sampling of chapter topics: gold nanoshells in biomedical applications, spherical and anisotropic metallic nanomaterials-based NSET biosensors, biofunctionalization of spherical and anisotropic bimetallic nanomaterials, spherical and anisotropic silica shell nanomaterials, and synthesis and applications of anisotropic hexagonal boron nitride nanomaterials.
The Zwick Roell biaxial testing machine is being used to characterise isotropic and anisotropic elastomers and thus helps the researchers to model the behaviour of the material.
Recent researches point out the possibility to realize splitting devices using certain types of special anisotropic materials such as the ones presented in (Luo et al.
The biaxial testing machine is being used to characterize isotropic and anisotropic elastomers, and thus helps the researchers to model the behavior of the material.
Methods: The ECG was simulated with an anisotropic reaction-diffusion model of the human heart and an inhomogeneous boundary-element model of the human torso.