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Makers have been forced to increase production of their aniseed variety after health fears sent sales of the iconic lozenges soaring by 43 per cent since June.
The edible fungus, which tastes like a nutty brown mushroom, is found only in the tropical rain forests of Thailand, and has been named Astraeus Oderatus after its distinctive sweet aniseed odour.
Bassett's liquorice was the second most-hated sweet, with Aniseed Balls third.
The limey fruit cuts in on top of a Pernod-like aniseed edge.
But I will not be taking to my bed for a month, eating aniseed before meals (why?
Add the smooth and creme de menthe, then top with Kummel, an aniseed flavoured liquer and lemon juice.
These include aniseed, camomile, lemon balm, clove, dill, fennel, black pepper, marjoram, parsley, peppermint, rosemary and spearmint.
RICARD, or `super-Pernod' to its friends, is a true original, hailing from Marseilles and utilising aniseed, liquorice and a mystery blend of herbs.
Award-winning Lincolnshire pale ale, full-flavoured with sweet malts and almost aniseed spiciness.
but nicely supported by hints of aniseed and by tangy acidity.
Tender are invited for Supply of Turmeric Powder,Coriander Powder,Red Chilly Powder,Cumin Seed (Whole) A/Tida (Powder) Cinnamon Stick (Whole) Cardamom (Large) (Whole) Black Pepper (Whole) Fenugreek (Whole) Aniseed (Whole) Cloves (Whole)
Uncle Joe's Liquorice and Aniseed Extra Strong Mints in 35g tins are being recalled because the sweets may contain small pieces of metal which could represent a safety risk.
From a very early age they are trained to follow aniseed oil and paraffin mix.
Arak Brun also consists of pure aniseed purchased from Syria, a model that has continued despite the obstacles of the war.
Warwick The First Lady Cabernet Sauvignon 2013, South Africa (PS10, Sainsbury's) - A ripe, generous style with appealing scents of dark chocolate, cedar and aniseed, with blackberries, cassis and bittersweet chocolate flavours giving depth and a soft texture that makes it approachable and easy to drink.