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a negatively charged ion

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This is in accordance with the cis contents of the materials: Anionically polymerized polyisoprene typically shows cis percentages in the low 90s, whereas NR and ZN-IR have percentages in the upper nineties.
In fact, an essential condition for starting the anionic polymerization of CL is the presence of an anionically activated monomer, i.
Key statement: Oligomer-modified anionically polymerized polymers, reinforced materials made with the polymers and articles made from the reinforced materials are provided.
He will track the progress which began with the novel, proprietary Captisol([R]) technology, one of a series of anionically charged sulfobutyl ether -cyclodextrins (SBE-CDs) that were originally synthesized and patented by scientists from the University of Kansas Higuchi Biosciences Center.
7) The PVDF latex dispersions are anionically stabilized, and can be combined with water-based pigment dispersions, and formulated with common coatings additives designed for waterborne coatings, similarly to the way acrylic latexes are formulated.
Key statement: An initiator is presented for anionically polymerizing monomers, to provide a functional head group on the polymer.
It has been shown that MAH can be homopolymerized [15] with [gamma] and ultraviolet radiation [16, 17] in the presence of radical initiators, anionically with various bases, electrochemically, and under shock waves.
These auxiliary components usually contain anionically charged polycarboxylate or polyphosphate moieties which directly interact with the positively charged Ti[O.
epsilon]-caprolactam was polymerized anionically in the presence of PP and/or mPP, forming a "sea/island" structure in which PP exists as a continuous matrix containing PA-6 homopolymer dispersed in small domains.