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a negatively charged ion

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The slower scan utilizes the full potential for anion release (releases all of the entered anions); thereby minimizes the chances of loosing conductivity for the membrane/film for the next cycle.
An organic anion prototype PAH excretion was found to be 32.
Nevertheless, the clinical value of D-lactate measurement in metabolic acidosis, especially the contribution of D-lactate to the metabolic acidosis and high anion gap in DKA, is not well appreciated.
The Anion was prepared by Eunjinbio system Choongnam Cheonan, Korea, The main components of this product was shown in Table 1, which is provided by the Korea Chemical Institution.
Typically, DKA will present with the biochemical triad: hyperglycemia, ketonuria/ketonemia and high anion gap metabolic acidosis.
3-bis(bromomethyl)benzene with corresponding tosylated amides and examined their for anion binding (Illioudis and Steed, 2005).
The achievement of electroneutrality requires that the sum of all anions equals the concentration of positive ions in the cell (mainly [K.
In the case of phosphate solubilisation by organic anion excretion from plant roots, if excretion of the organic anion is accompanied by excretion of proton, the pH of the rhizosphere may decrease, and in some soils this may solubilise phosphate.
As part of an ongoing City of Glendale research program, this study evaluates six weak-base anion exchange resins for hexavalent chromium [Cr(VI)] removal from groundwater, tests the highest operating pH for Duolite A7 and ResinTech SIR-700, and analyzes the weak-base anion resin residuals.
A brief description of each case with laboratory findings will be discussed along with potential causes of a reverse anion gap acidosis as well as the avenues available for the management thereof.
Not until late last year did astronomers find the first example of a single negatively charged ion, or anion.
The major anion nutrients are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and sulfur (S).
It is the prototype of the anion exchanger gene family, hence its other name, AE1.
The anion pi-radicals of four structurally-related 2-substituted fused-ring oxazoles have been electrochemically generated at a platinum electrode in an aprotic solvent.
Written by the international anion coordination experts, this book includes all the recent advances in this emerging interdisciplinary field.