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of or pertaining to the doctrine of animism


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Although it is suggested that anthropocentric and animistic misconceptions are effective in cognitive structuring of aliveness concept, it is
It would be of interest to Orang Asli Studies/Malay/South East Asian Studies, the study of animistic belief as well as to the anthropology and sociology of religion, shamanism/healing and indigenous psychology.
However, Korea's Christian segment is growing, now at roughly 30 percent (14 million), thus animistic beliefs are decreasing.
It also seems clear that such theories are not purely an outcome of biology (as the child's animistic theories seem to be), but are largely products of the influence of the culture in which a person lives.
One by one, the children fall victim to a malign prophecy, uttered by a terrifying madman who has appeared in their Christian lives like an emissary of the devil - or maybe of the previous era's animistic religion, which has never quite gone away.
The exhibitions proposed to refute the idea that humans and nature are separate entities, presenting two almost animistic scenarios: that of a man-flower and of a man-machine.
Teens will bump into the familiar ghosts, vampires, and werewolves, lesser-knowns like harpies and krakens, and unfamiliar monstrosities like the Trinidadian douen (the half-faced embodiment of the soul of an unbaptized child) or the animistic Maori wairua.
An early essay describes a Native American healing ritual, and there are short essays throughout the collection in which Leach conjures animistic reverence for the park's impressive flora and fauna.
The final chapters are case studies: Joel Thiessen's examination of missionary endeavors in the multi-ethnic reality of Canada today, Robert Bennett's paper on reaching animistic societies, John Mehn's paper on training church leaders in Japan, and Mark Williams's analysis of missionary methods among the Muslims of the Philippines.
We have an animistic world-view which holds that non-human entities possess a spiritual essence.
17) Such is the ethos of post-Enlightenment philosophy: to subordinate a once-beheld animistic nature to a systemic interplay of manipulate physical laws and objects.
While he recognizes the limits of his own model, he argues that "[t]he model that recognizes animistic Buddhism as well as a compartmentalized religion with a Buddhist superstructure has the advantage of being dynamic" (p.
Even if the new materialists had completely differing intentions, their work could be read as a symptom of the same animistic political economy that birthed the Supreme Court decision that corporations are nonhuman persons.
Terwiel interprets the complexity of Thai village religion as a syncretic (in contrast to 'compartmentalised') amalgam in which 'Buddhism has been transformed to suit the animistic worldview' (p.
Balinese Hinduism, the religion of over 90% of the population has roots in Indian Hinduism and in Buddhism, and adopted the animistic traditions of the indigenous people.