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the doctrine that all natural objects and the universe itself have souls

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Rather than shuttling between binaries, desert symbolism reveals a world in which the polarities of man and nature, body and spirit, linear and cyclical time, human and animal, monotheism and animism, reason and magic disappear in the context of a sacred order.
Keywords: Insular Southeast Asia, animism, Durkheim, sacred/profane, phenomenology, differentiation/identification.
The concepts of intentionality, materiality and animism are also introduced.
He examines the relationship between biology (biologists) and animism (animists, who tend to be indigenous peoples, and those who study them, like social anthropologists) at what he calls "the human scale.
Science is what allows us to understand in a profound way what I called the new animism, or a new kind of materialism.
While traditional animism departs from the gift of animated life in a larger relational system of interconnections between (personal) things and humans, fetishism moves the skill to animate to the humans themselves.
More specifically, to native American religions, Australian aborigines, African animism, and the indigenous religions of Asia.
As columnist Barbara Kay wrote: "As a short perusal of ERC's culturally relativistic texts make clear, Wicca, Raelism, aboriginal animism or even a student's own invented religion are all accorded equal spiritual standing with Christianity" (National Post, 12 December 2012).
While Piker still unfortunately assumed that Thai Buddhism and Thai animism were separate and inherently incompatible systems, his field work shows that most villagers "are not manifestly rending their psyches over dilemmas of religious meaning" (p.
The author makes a compelling case for exploring what he calls "Christian animism," a panentheistic framework that is based in a "green reading" of Scripture, an erotically charged appreciation for divinely fashioned bodies (and thus Earth's "body"), and a pragmatic application of eco-justice principles.
The north of Nigeria is predominantly Muslim, while Christianity and animism are the main religions in the south.
Whether defending lust, close reading Hardy's "If It's Ever Spring Again" or James's "Tree of Knowledge," reflecting upon freedom of expression "in times like these," explaining animism or the proper manner of deploying Zyklon-B, pondering the "unused syntactical space" within any sentence, or eureking the reason "reality needs appearance to complete it," Gass is invariably eloquent, trenchant, moral.
For many their spiritual beliefs of animism and ancestor worship are strongly entwined with cultural identity.
In the following years, scholars of Indonesian, including Bornean, societies were among the most influential voices in the animism discourse (e.
The Nuba people -- who practice Islam, Christianity and animism -- have been targeted by Khartoum before.