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the construction of robots to look like animals (developed for Disneyland)

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The animatronic T-Rex will celebrate the redevelopment of the Lapworth Museum of Geology, with staff also allowing visitors to watch a live volcanic eruption and pan for gold and handle ancient fossils.
com), an interactive touring exhibit featuring animatronic and museum quality dinosaur replicas roars into Dallas the first weekend in May.
All movements are performed by the animatronic robots with the held of computer programming.
Rupert Murdoch, an animatronic al-Qaida recruitment poster referred consistently to his pride in [his newspaper] the Sun as 'a trusted news source'.
Using these clues, they can guess the identity of their dinosaur in the gallery, which contains 10 life-sized animatronic beasts.
Appearing for the first time in the North East, Age of the Dinosaur contains animatronic dinosaurs - including a Tyrannosaurus rex-like tarbosaurus - and velociraptors.
Alan Bowden, Head of Earth and Physical Sciences, said "The animatronic models of dinosaurs are spectacular and most importantly you will find out about dinosaurs and their environments".
The animatronic velociraptor and a dozen of his prehistoric pals are at Chester Zoo for the summer's Dinosaurs at Large exhibition.
Tyrannosaurus rex and 17 of his animatronic prehistoric buddies have returned to the Oregon Zoo in "Dinosaurs
Jack Horner, scientific consultant on the three Jurassic Park movies; Kokoro Creations, the world's leading makers of animatronic dinosaurs; and French multi-media designer Yves Pepin.
Isaac Blake, 28, had told the hearing in Birmingham that he was unfairly dismissed from CBBC show In The Night Garden after complaining about a faulty animatronic suit and verbal abuse.
Isaac Blake, 28, had told the hearing he was unfairly dismissed from the programme, shown on CBBC, after complaining about a faulty animatronic suit and verbal abuse.
An actor in a BBC children's TV series told a Birmingham employment tribunal yesterday he was dismissed from his job after complaining about a faulty Animatronic suit which left him injured.
This is another instance where we're able to come up with new technology to achieve something that hadn't really been done before,'' he says, calling up test footage of an animatronic wolf whose head, jaw and neck move as it runs.
The gorilla was built to the scale of an actual Silverback and is a fully animatronic puppet.