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Synonyms for animated

Synonyms for animated

marked by or exhibiting life

very brisk, alert, and full of high spirits

Synonyms for animated

having life or vigor or spirit



made to appear to move as living creatures do

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This is the dream tool for all web page or animation makers - both professionals and hobbyists - who want to make animated files in many different formats such as AVI, animated GIF, sequenced PNG files, or as a Windows-based EXE.
The story line using the animated people follows closely that of the scripture whereas more liberties are taken with the characters in Buggelsville.
Mail Charas jump up and down, punch, spin, cry and present flowers in animated movement.
Animated Puzzles lets you choose a photo-realistic image from a collection of 55 pictures, and scramble the image into 12, 24, 48, or 96 pieces.
Over 30 animated films from Canada have been nominated for Academy Awards.
With over 11 animated projects that span the preschool to teenage market currently in production, Cinar has definitely found a formula in capturing young audiences.
My pedestrian tastes at the time, perhaps due to my age, ran to the cartoon side of animated film and away from the esoteric.
Since its debut in 1994, Mainframe Entertainment's computer-driven ReBoot has consistently been at the top of its ratings time slot, generating an enormous amount of press and numerous awards for its creators, including three consecutive Geminis for best animated program, another Gemini for technical achievement, and a recent Banff Television Festival Rockie nomination for best animation program.