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Synonyms for animality

a preoccupation with the body and satisfaction of its desires

Synonyms for animality

the physical (or animal) side of a person as opposed to the spirit or intellect

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Heidegger deploys the natural sciences in order to elucidate the nature of the animal in such a way that this animality can also encompass or at least directly relate to human nature.
Critique: Enhanced with the inclusion of illustrations, an informative Introduction (Bulls, Apes, Genes, and Clouds), a significant Conclusion (In Search of Alternative Biopolitics), a twenty-four page bibliography of Works Cited; and an eight page Index, "In Search of an Alternative Biopolitics: Anti-Bullfighting, Animality, and the Environment in Contemporary Spain" is an impressive work of original and seminal scholarship.
Animality attracts Wittgenstein just because it represents a form of life where language's relevance is limited (all animals to a lesser or greater degree communicate; cf.
In keeping with this foundational idea, the questions his subsequent analyses take up deal with things peripheral to cinema--contemporary media, animality, dreams--which are, nonetheless, implicated by the works under consideration.
It pays particular attention to how the material practices of horse training can be understood as performative of human-animal relationships, animality, and the boundary between humans and animals.
Central to the introduction is a discussion of primatology used to argue that nonhuman animals have culture; Feder goes on to argue that "the story of individual acculturation" is "also the story of 'nature,' of our knowledge of human animality and nonhuman agency or subjectivity" (19).
This chapter ranges widely but centers on the essential links between cannibalism and revenge and the ways that the animality figured in both cannibalism and revenge plagues Hamlet and pervades Titus.
Winogrand was a student of human behavior, and he was fascinated by the animality of the human body.
Youngs's analysis of an urban underclass's appearance of animality in the period's literature performs a subtle critique of capital and makes this opening section a valuable companion piece to other recent interventions in this area, such as Nicole Shukin's Animal Capital (2009) or Michael Lundblad's The Birth of a Jungle (2013).
In this critical practice, terms such as human nature (many scholars have tended to confuse human nature and animality, when in fact animality is human instinct), animality, ethical identity, ethical selection, ethical situation and context, ethical taboos, reasonable consciousness, reasonable judgment, reasonable will, and free will (natural will) are the conceptual tools available to critics to interpret and critique literature.
This attention to the animate dimensions of animality and sexuality leads to readings of the neutering of animals and the presentation of animal and human sexual relations in Nagisa Oshima's Max, Mon Amour and Xu Bing's performance-art installation "Cultural Animal.
They are chosen for their celebration of compassion, nurturing, of the beauty and animality of the body, and their promotion of equality (and thus can be used to counter the vices of shame, disgust, fear, and envy which divide communities and lead to violence).
As image, event, spectacle, artifact, commodity, the trophy serves literarily to objectify--to suspend in time, to re-compose within a chosen frame, to trade as commodity, to memorialize in triumph and to expose in warning--target bodies that inhabit the category of political animality.
Petsche engages in a nuanced discussion of humanity and animality, proposing the state of hybrid carnality in Frankenstein as a way to reconceive the essentialist dualities traditionally assigned to human and nonhuman nature and subjectivity.