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one who trains or exhibits animals


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Animal Trainer, 2007, is only one of several canvases pairing eccentric-looking people with domestic or wild animals.
He trained Arnold the pig in "Green Acres" and was the animal trainer for "Murphy Brown," "That '70s Show," "3rd Rock From the Sun" and "Seinfeld.
Hollywood's premier animal trainer Volney Phifer once found a cub in Port Sudan, Africa, the straggliest lion he had ever laid eyes on.
His friend, Ringling's star animal trainer, Mark Oliver Gebel, was on trial, accused by two animal rights activists of abusing an emephant in his care.
Barnum & Bailey animal trainer on charges of animal cruelty, Ringling Chair Kenneth Feld [www.
Dorothy sent a picture of her Bobby dazzler to animal trainer Ann Head after seeing a TV programme.
During the show the animal trainer would instruct the penguins to do something and they would always comply.
Aside from a description of a successful legal defense her organization mounted for an animal trainer, the book contains few stories of her encounters with animal-rights supporters.
Animal Trainer: There are 32,360 animal trainer jobs in the U.
Michael originally rescued two-year-old Bubbles from a Texas medical lab and had him raised by an animal trainer before officially adopting him in 1983 and for a time took the chimp everywhere - including to afternoon tea with a Japanese mayor.
The team from Natura Parc reported back that Tyson arrived well and quickly settled in, bonding with his new Professional Animal Trainer, Jenny Amann, who commented "Not surprisingly, he immediately made his way into the hearts of all people taking care of him.
Douglas, who received the Icon Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival in California last week, was more attached to the penguin than the giant bear brought on set by animal trainer Julie Scardina.
A longtime animal trainer for show business/behavior consultant to the Humane Society of New York (to which a portion of the book's proceeds is being donated), entertainingly relates tales about his training of animals for the stage.
My father has always been a circus historian in addition to being an animal trainer.
That's absurd,'' grumbles Larry Madrid, the film's head animal trainer.