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the doctrine that all natural objects and the universe itself have souls

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I believe it is impossible to express, to the life, what the ecstasies and transports of the soul are, when it is so saved, as I may say, out of the very grave: and I do not wonder now at the custom, when a malefactor, who has the halter about his neck, is tied up, and just going to be turned off, and has a reprieve brought to him - I say, I do not wonder that they bring a surgeon with it, to let him blood that very moment they tell him of it, that the surprise may not drive the animal spirits from the heart and overwhelm him.
For a time in sheer exuberance of animal spirit he raced swiftly through the middle terrace, swinging perilously across wide spans from one jungle giant to the next, and then he clambered upward to the swaying, lesser boughs of the upper terrace where the moon shone full upon him and the air was stirred by little breezes and death lurked ready in each frail branch.
Here, more than 30 red deer antler headdresses were found which may have been used as a disguise in hunting, or during ritual performances by shamans when communicating with animal spirits.
Volume and turnover for the KSE 100 index shot up by 95 per cent and 111 per cent respectively as animal spirits took charge of the situation, underpinned by fear running amok on the streets - fear of missing out.
While the impact of Brexit remains the dominant concern for CFOs, it has not forced a retreat from growth or crushed the animal spirits of the corporate sector.
In one of the most-quoted passages of his 1936 "General Theory," Keynes argued that positive economic decisions "can only be taken as a result of animal spirits -- of a spontaneous urge to action rather than inaction.
Thaler more than anyone has disciplined the idea of animal spirits," said Cass Sunstein, a Harvard law professor who wrote Nudge with Thaler.
Clearly, the animal spirits have been stirred by the election of a businessman and the perceived pro-business administration," he explained.
Analysts name this phenomenon "lack of animal spirits syndrome".
The need for regulation depends on public perceptions of the last crisis, and, as George Akerlof and I argued in Animal Spirits, these perceptions depend heavily on changing popular narratives.
Experiences from the Light: Ordinary People's Extraordinary Experiences of Transformation, Miracles, and Spiritual Awakening offers some fifty stories of adventures of light, including spiritual awakenings, near-death experiences, and more, and covers all kinds of stories, from an ill woman's story of how she came close to death to how animal spirits came to give comfort after friends were killed in an accident.
Summary: 2015 will be about smarter fraud prediction and rekindling animal spirits according to a series of experts
The 60-year-old stormed to power in 2012, pledging to revive the animal spirits of Japan's flagging economy with a blend of monetary easing, government spending and structural reforms to cut red tape.
If animal spirits are absent, businesses are not investing, and households are not spending despite low interest rates, the onus should shift to governments to purchase goods and services.
But the animal spirits may be awakening as the equity cycle is moving into the growth phase, where accelerating macroeconomic growth and strong earnings growth could motivate companies to renew growth spending.