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It is primarily a lobbying organization with an animal rights agenda.
Marymar Bustamante, 26, a secretary from the Philippines, said: "I'm aware of animal rights and I know a group in the Philippines called Peta that campaigns for animal rights.
He now says he is willing to "go to war" with animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
Confusing animal rights and animal welfare is a common mistake, but their main objectives are actually very different.
Regan's expertise in animal rights and moral philosophy, combined with the advocacy roles he has assumed over the years, provide a clear presentation of a well-rehearsed animal rights position.
Judi Hewitt, of North Wales Animal Rights, accused the butchers of parading sheep like "criminals to the gallows".
To support, and thereby finance the animal rights cult is wholly sinister and it is just the same as committing those acts oneself, the analogy being that the get-away driver is just as culpable as those who do the shooting at a bank-job.
On Wednesday, dozens of animal rights activists packed council chambers for the final vote, with half in favor and half opposed.
Peter Clamp, 52, from Newborough, a mile or so from Darley Oaks Farm, helped John and Christopher Hall apply unsuccessfully for an injunction stopping animal rights activists entering a 77-square mile exclusion zone around the farm.
MERSEYSIDE POLICE are not anticipating any serious disruption to this afternoon's action from animal rights protestors, after low-key demonstrations took place at Aintree on the first two days of the meeting, writes Paul Eacott.
Everyone takes a turn being analyzed and fleshed out as the author looks at the social issues of animal rights and the legal issues connected with them, and, more importantly, at the family relationships that are altered when a disaster, especially one fraught with so much philosophical baggage, occurs.
The final straw was when animal rights activists dug up the family's matriarch from her churchyard grave, where she had been buried at her death 7 years earlier.
The company in charge of building a new medical research laboratory at Oxford University has withdrawn from the project because of intimidation from animal rights activists.
I was disappointed that reason, the magazine celebrating the noble concepts of "free minds and free markets," would publish an article celebrating exploitation, misrepresenting animal rights supporters, and making light of the suffering of other beings.
His friend, Ringling's star animal trainer, Mark Oliver Gebel, was on trial, accused by two animal rights activists of abusing an emephant in his care.
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