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magnetic personal charm

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Chrissie fails to buy Lachlan's affection with a Porsche, Finn asks Rebecca to invest in the taxi firm, and it looks like even a dog collar can't protect Harriet from the raw animal magnetism of Cain Dingle.
In August, 1842, he informed the readers of the New York Sunday Times that "[s]ome seasons ago" he had ceased to be "a devout disbeliever in the science of Animal Magnetism," a few lectures and demonstrations having convinced him that "there is such a thing as Mesmeric sleep" and that the "strange things done by the subject at the will of the Magnetizer" are not the result of collusion or fraud, but that hypnotic manipulation and "Mesmeric somnambulism" are beneficial.
99, ISBN 9780425270189 The latest in Shalvis' Animal Magnetism series finds a sexy physical therapist reluctantly falling for a strong-willed travel writer.
Art Exhibit Animal Magnetism by Alecia Barry Underhill will be on display through Feb.
Chain-smoking Alky Boy's irresistibility to all women is about as believable as the smouldering animal magnetism of short, fat, bald Albert Square thug Phil Mitchell.
The brunette socialite preened and posed to perfection as she showed off her animal magnetism in a skimpy zebra print bikini with gold chain detailing while getting to work on set in Los Angeles, the Daily Mail reported.
The first chapter provides a lengthy discussion of Schubert, Gmelin, and animal magnetism.
Nanette Leroux became the charity patient of Antoine Despine, medical director of the town's spa, who treated her incapacitating nervous symptoms with hydrotherapy and animal magnetism (or hypnosis, as it was later renamed).
Yes, it's time to all rise, please, for Sir Tom, who's been an international singing sex-god for almost 50 years; a showman who, despite recently turning 70, still has the animal magnetism to make women of most (if not all) ages go weak at the knees.
RSPCA inspectors have shown they've got animal magnetism in a collection of near-naked poses for a charity calendar.
Abbe Faria, a Christian who hailed from India, learned Mesmer's animal magnetism techniques from de Puysegur.
Baritone Oren Gradus as Figaro and Christine Brandes as Susanna, flanked by a supporting cast of rare quality, provided the exuberant mainspring of the story Mariusz Kwiecien had a compelling suavity as the Count, imperious yet still sympathetic and with a raw animal magnetism that made it patently clear why women might be meek, docile and compliant at his merest utterance.
It is these parallels that Rix seeks to provide: the animal magnetism and the voyages to Africa matter not because Blake used magnetic beds or went gold prospecting (he didn't), but because they provide a meaningful cultural analogue for understanding his work.
Chapter 4 charts the appearance and ramification of 'It'--charisma, animal magnetism, or sex appeal-through an analysis of the successful novel of the same name, by Elinor Glyn, and subsequent film starring Clara Bow that appeared in 1926-7.
the science of magnetic healing, telepathy, mind reading, clairvoyant hypnosis, mesmerism, animal magnetism and kindred sciences.