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Atmel's collaboration with SMARTRAC will give consumers the confidence that their RFID solutions are high performing, meet industry ISO standards and can support the various modes required for Animal Identification but also for many other different applications," said Roland Schropp, Senior Marketing Manager RFID, Atmel Corporation.
NAIS consists of three components: premises registration, animal identification and tracing.
The animal identification system has sparked outcry among some backyard farmers in the state, who have complained it would be costly and burdensome.
This letter is to ask you to help stop the USDA's National Animal Identification System (NAIS) program funding until it adds procedures for farmers to recover damages when privacy is compromised by government releases of private data we're being forced to submit to the NAIS.
He recently suggested that the first case of mad cow disease in the state was a conspiracy to help pass a state animal identification system.
Also, by bringing Montenegro in line with EU laws on livestock identification, the programme--which will use computer databases and animal identification cards--will help Montenegro export meat and livestock to the rest of Europe.
The delegation of vets visited Brazil to check up on animal identification and traceability programmes, and to see whether steps to restrict animal movements were sufficient to prevent the disease spreading.
One important step toward implementation of a tracking system would be an animal identification program.
Senate and House of Representatives in a recent legislative sessions sought funding for implementing a national animal identification system with 48-hour traceability to farm of origin as a goal.
Campers learn about plant and animal identification, wildlife management, fire starting and safety, camping and survival skills, wildlife calling, fishing and archery.
The TriCell ink slide technology represents the company's most advanced product enhancement to the Labstamp System, which is positioned to take advantage of a market where researchers are seeking easier and better methods to ensure accurate animal identification.
We asked funds for animal identification and procurement of equipment and waiting for response.
Department of Agriculture (USDA) to scrap a national animal identification system could seriously hinder U.
Saying a mandatory animal identification system is needed to maintain the viability of the U.