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Food and agriculture junior minister Noel Davern was speaking at the launch of a mobile animal clinic for the Irish Blue Cross society.
The company also said it has selected Michael Heitmann, DVM with the Katy Equine Center, one of the premier large animal clinics in South Texas, to evaluate the MicroLight 830 in the treatment of check ligament inflation in horses.
Traveling With Your Pet: The AAA PetBook includes detailed information and tips on traveling with pets by car or by air, a list of dog parks in the United States and Canada, a list of animal clinics across the country, tips for selecting an airline, choosing an appropriate travel crate, pet safety guidelines, and a thorough checklist to make sure your pet is travel ready.
Practicing since 1989, Bass joined the Animal Hospital-Thousand Oaks in 1995 after a few years at various animal clinics throughout Ventura County.
The MSU College of Veterinary Medicine has a number of the Dinamap units in use in its animal clinics, where they are used in office visits, monitoring anesthetized animals during operations and post ops recovery, as well as to develop patient medical histories.