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suppose this weapon to be six times stronger and the animal ten times more powerful; launch it at the rate of twenty miles an hour, and you obtain a shock capable of producing the catastrophe required.
I suppose there is something in the human form that appeals to the artistic turn more powerfully than any animal shape can.
When day broke, and the battle was to begin, all the four-footed animals came running up with such a noise that the earth trembled.
This drive, with an elephant for the team, lasted about an hour and a half; yet the animal did not seem in the least fatigued.
With a low cry she sprang toward the cabin, and, as she entered, gave a backward glance which filled her soul with terror, for the brute had intercepted her husband, who now stood at bay grasping his ax with both hands ready to swing it upon the infuriated animal when he should make his final charge.
If the animals leading the herd change, this happens because the collective will of all the animals is transferred from one leader to another, according to whether the animal is or is not leading them in the direction selected by the whole herd.
At the sound of it the strange animal leaped back into the darkness.
Any change in the embryo or larva will almost certainly entail changes in the mature animal.
4] The largest gnawing animal in the world, the Hydrochaerus capybara
The net result seems to be that, though self-knowledge has a definite and important contribution to make to psychology, it is exceedingly misleading unless it is constantly checked and controlled by the test of external observation, and by the theories which such observation suggests when applied to animal behaviour.
Ay, let me see the heart--it will at once determine the character of the animal-- certes this is not the cor--ay, sure enough it is--the animal must be of the order belluae, from its obese habits
He was very fond of animals and kept many kinds of pets.
Very early in my life, possibly because of the insatiable curiosity that was born in me, I came to dislike the performances of trained animals.
The Lion once gave out that he was sick unto death and summoned the animals to come and hear his last Will and Testament.
Zarathustra's voice also resounded in such a manner that his animals came to him frightened, and out of all the neighbouring caves and lurking-places all the creatures slipped away--flying, fluttering, creeping or leaping, according to their variety of foot or wing.