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harsh criticism or disapproval

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The Animadversions is often dismissed as the work of a hack jealous for his father's reputation.
13) Like the Animadversions, these were papers prepared for an audience of peers by professionals working within a commonly understood framework of scholarly practice.
The sheer volume of notes, all written in Thynne's distinctive script, indicates that he was a much more engaged reader of the Works than has previously been assumed and that he may even have made significant progress toward the commentated version of Chaucer that he speaks about in the Animadversions.
16) Many of the criticisms that Thynne voices in the Animadversions are recognizable; for example, he writes on folio 10r that Katherine Swynford's children by John of Gaunt were born prior to their marriage, and on 14v he supplements Speght's note about "Iohn Cuthenbergus, knight" with alternative accounts of the invention of printing taken from the work of the German theologian David Chytraeus and from Matthew Parker's life of Tomas Burchier.
23) In the case of Thynne, his notes to Chaucer can be compared both with the more polished text of the Animadversions and with his antiquarian writings more generally.
AS IF TO UNDERSCORE THE POINT, LINDA Bridges and Roger Kimball proffer in thwart History a splendid collection of Buckley's finest "polemics, animadversions, and illuminations," including many reprinted for the first time.
Milton's close familiarity with one of Sir Francis Bacon's lesser-known works, A Wise and Moderate Discourse, Concerning Church-Affaires, written at the height of the Admonition controversy in 1589 but first published posthumously in 1641,(1) is apparent from an entry in the Commonplace Book and quotations in Animadversions upon the Remonstrants Defence against Smectymnuus (July 1641), An Apology against a Pamphlet (April 1642), and Areopagitica (November 1644), each time identifying Bacon as the source.
In Animadversions, Milton seeks to capitalize on the fact that
Though much of this book consists of summary reporting of the views of Hellenistic philosophers, the lectures are punctuated by frequent animadversions on the regrettable overemphasis on the philosophers of the fourth century B.
It is unfortunate, therefore, that Stephen Holmes mars his otherwise helpful Anatomy of Antiliberalism with a few stray animadversions on libertarianism.
Finding his own path between the accolades and animadversions bestowed on Edward by historians from Walsingham to Stubbs (and modern historians, too), he rejects the often-touted portrait of Edward III as a king concerned more with martial enterprise than management of the kingdom, and shows a more complex (and consequently more credible) monarch.
A Backward Look at Quine's Animadversions on Modalities" (1990) neatly details the steady retreat of Quine's objections - concerning use and mention, substitutivity, essentialism, and ontological commitment - in the face of replies and elaborations by Marcus and others.