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Synonyms for angulate

make or become angular

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having angles or an angular shape


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The BINARY system allows the surgeon to place screws with greater angulation and engage the lock, without any extra steps or instrumentation.
The samples were divided into three groups: those with ear angulation less than that of the nose, those with both angulations almost equal, and those with angulation of the ear more than that of nose.
The Verte-Span also offers large spiked endplates with optional angulations to reduce subsidence and cage migration.
The principle superior strains for the femoral neck (in 15 [degrees] adduction) were 25% to 80% greater for all angulations of the surface replacement head except for varus positioning where it was approximately 50% less (Fig.
The first 25 consecutive patients with high occlusal plane angulation, dysfunction, and pain who were treated with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) total joint prostheses and simultaneous maxillomandibular counterclockwise rotation were evaluated before surgery (T1), immediately after surgery (T2), and at the longest follow-up (T3) for surgical movements and long-term stability.
Both trails have pace angulations typical of bipedal dinosaurs (Farlow 1987), and in both trails the stride/footprint length ratio is about 7-8, toward the high end for trails that were likely made by walking (as opposed to running) dinosaurs (Farlow & Chapman 1997).
The stent platform is designed for optimal trackability and maneuverability in difficult angulations, providing superior stability at crucial points during delivery.
The system shall include a C-arm and patient table, both motorized with both longitudinal and transverse angulations and/or motion.
On the other hand, some authors have found a correlation between LCX abnormality origin and atherosclerosis disease, suggesting that the extreme angulations in the ostia and the stretching of the artery due to its abnormal proximal segment course could promote and accelerate the atherosclerosis (7, 8).
Perception of prosthetic alignment revealed the strongest agreement with the coronal angulations.
The device can be inserted and removed quickly, and its flexibility allows me to manipulate my instruments to extreme angulations without crowding one another in the working space, all while maintaining a tight insufflation seal.
There were no differences in medial or lateral angulations between the screw orientations (average: 2.
The freely moving components and ergonomically friendly design enable physicians to obtain numerous image angulations for interventional procedures without repositioning the patient.
With its slim, off-center C-arm design, the system allows steep angulations for optimized vessel profiling during cardiac interventions.