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Synonyms for angulate

make or become angular

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having angles or an angular shape


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Pronotum short with median carina, disc (median part of pronotum) small, paranota narrow, acutely angulate, nearly reaching tegulae, without carinae.
Prescutellar acrostichal setulae undifferentiated; crossvein dm-cu weakened to completely attenuate anteriorly, usually angulate or curved toward base, sometimes nearly straight; male terminalia with a ventrally-oriented, narrow process at ventral margin of epandrium between surstylus and cerci .
Mesoscutum and scutellum: Scutellum flattened, without row of punctures at sides; two punctures between mesoscutum and scutellum absent; apex of scutellum obtuse, not touching claval commisure: Pleura: Posterior part of metepimeron reduced, not angulate.
Anterior view (A) and posterior view (B) female weevil: profemur with weak, subacute, angulate, internal process and protibia with uncus and mucro present; and anterior view (C) and posterior view (D) of male weevil: profemur with strong, curved, subacute, tooth-like, internal process and protibia lacking an uncus.
Thorax arched, sparsely pubescent, finely rugulose; prothorax convex, roof-shaped, descending, with two foveal impression on each lateral side; prescutum broader than long, broadest posterior to center, narrower anteriorly, angulate laterally and on posterior margin; scutum much broader than long, slilghtly shorter than prescutum, weakly depressed dorso-medianally, angulate laterally, posterior margin weakly invaginated along scutellum; scutellum trapezoid, broad anteriorly and narrow posteriorl, about twice as broad as long.
Head with epistoma nearly flat, punctured; clypeus nearly semicircular, faintly truncate or feebly sinuate at middle, widely rounded at sides, quite thinly bordered, edge thickened at middle, elongately bristled at sides; genae strongly developed, abruptly angulate, not deflexed, bristled, protruding much more than eyes; latter medium size; frontal suture finely impressed, not at all tuberculate.
Metanotal suture shallow and broad, propodeum unarmed to bidentate, dorsal face short to almost absent followed by declivity, sometimes angulate in middle.
Mesonotum blackish; clasping cercus with a separate tubercle at base; basiphallus rather wide with angulate posterior process in lateral view D.
It is very close to Meristhus (Sulcimerus) quadripunctatus but can be separated by some distinguished characters: in Meristhus (Sulcimerus) afganus body colour castaneous, antennal length just half of prothorax, pronotum with sides not sinuate, hind angles with distinct corners while in Meristhus (Sulcimerus) quadripunctatus body colour chocolate, antennal length 1/3rd of prothorax, pronotum with sides angulate, hind angles with blunt ends.
Clypeus: lacking apical nodules; second segment of antenna with an angulate projection, shorter in length than segment III.
65, hy) long, with broad-based rounded-truncate dorsobasal lobe, posterior bridge dorsally and ventrally produced (subtriangular to slightly angulate in profile); hypandrial arm constricted apically (viewed laterally), with 2 setulae proximal to postgonite, the more lateral strong, ventrally directed, the medial much smaller and weaker (obscured by epandrium on Fig.
8 times greater than the depth; subapical teeth in front of the knee acute angulate, knee teeth angulate; the basal half of the dorsal carinae of hind femora smooth, the apical half with fine teeth.