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Synonyms for angular

Synonyms for angular

Synonyms for angular

having angles or an angular shape


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Each element contains radially and angularly varying temperature nodes.
He's not dictatorial--through, at near 6'6" and rather angularly severe, he has the physical presence to be so.
In these pieces, after removing the front cover, he angularly cut and discarded large sections of each successive page, for about thirty right-hand pages, leaving only a figureless element from each.
We developed this system to that with an impeller oscillating angularly over a variable angle range.
Now, when the sphere rolls, the second locus of contact must be both horizontally and angularly discontinuous with the first locus of contact, otherwise that particular part of the sphere will again be flat not round, which is of course impossible if the sphere is to remain truly a sphere.
With counter-rotation, the nodes and fibrils of the coaxial tubes are angularly offset, thus reinforcing each other and resulting in a stronger composite structure.
The nature of the game will make the athlete change direction angularly or laterally, or the athlete will reach near maximal speed.
10]-transformed), food level, and dry down on angularly transformed percent survival at metamorphosis (during atrazine exposure), after metamorphosis (carryover effect plus density-mediated compensation), and on 13 July 2004 (net atrazine effect; Figure 1).
And while the closest the angularly good looking star's ever come to a major award was a Golden Globe nomination for The River Wild a decade ago, he's continued to make a healthy living out of his chosen profession.
She stands strong and dignified, with her sinewy and angularly carved face turning slightly away as though just having taken another unavoidable look at a painful past.
If the choice is structured angularly between this and Shachtman's conclusion, it is not entirely clear the Old Left Oppositionist was so wrong.
Special provisions have been made to compensate for planes that are angularly positioned and/or created by the locus of a radius.
The elasticized band is attached to the back waist portion and contains left and right band portions with each of the portions extending angularly toward the fastening region.
A matrix of angularly transformed [arcsine of the square root of a proportion (Sokal and Rohlf, 1981)] relative abundances for the m = 12 taxa in n = 102 samples in 1997, and the m = 13 taxa in n = 40 samples in 1998 were constructed and summarized by PCA.