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Synonyms for angularity

a shape having one or more sharp angles

the property possessed by a shape that has angles

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However, the current testing methods are empirical and time-consuming in assessing the angularity of coarse aggregate.
With the exception of final score, described earlier, the angularity of the cows was the trait that showed higher residual correlation with MY (0.
The angularity of the rocker arm and the proximity of the sliding pin to the rocker arm's fulcrum provided a faster downstroke.
To account for this angularity, it may be concluded that extra feldspar may have been weathered out during temporary storage on low lying flood plain (Balance, 1983).
The angularity is achieved through rhythm, accents, and disjunct melodic lines.
But while Bourgeois' sculpture is relatively restrained, its angularity and isolation only hinting at her angst, Paul McCarthy's White Snow #3 (2012) is a characteristically gross-out work.
We all grew up with the exemplary Masson painting Bataille de poissons (Battle of Fishes), 1926, at the Museum of Modern Art; at Blain I Di Donna, the work's burin-like angularity, fervid with Surrealist zeal, is reprised in Chevaux attaques par des poissons (Horses Attacked by Fish), 1927.
Their formations tend towards the curling and serpentine as often as they emphasize the hard angularity of a branch's nodal point.
In Gevorgian's study of balance, on the other hand, the near-identical figures -- contestants as well as the supporters arrayed behind them -- are rendered in a stylized, uniform angularity that makes them look like aliens, or else mannequins or effigies of human beings.
The ability to attain shapes that depart from traditional angularity in interior design; 2) Practicality.
Audiences hardly knew what to make of the harsh angularity of the Cotsworld Symphony (1899) and the astrological mysticism of The Planets (1914-1915).
The topics include cartography and remote sensing for analyzing coastal erosion, controlling salt water intrusion due to sea level rise in the coastal zone of Bangladesh, the relation between natural cleansing effect and angularity of coastal gravel, and hydrodynamic forces acting on an oscillating structure.
Curves or ovals will diffuse the angularity of your jaw and forehead and add femininity," Norman advises.