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Synonyms for angularity

a shape having one or more sharp angles

the property possessed by a shape that has angles

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Certainly, there are affinities between the two: a starkness and unflinching focus on physical facts such as genitals and awkward sags; angularities of pouches of fat that artists --like Rubens or, one of Saville's betes noires, Renoir--might airbrush away.
Lulu is a mature 12-tone work, but Berg's vocal lines and orchestral music have none of the harsh harmonies or jarring angularities of Schoenberg or Webern; rather, the music is lyrical and warm, and Lulu is an eminently approachable modern opera, one that invites and rewards repeated listening.
What this means is the need to remove the angularities from the Chinese experiment-- cutting back the influence of the inefficient but privileged state- owned companies, making it easier for people to migrate from the countryside to the cities, discouraging land acquisitions that trigger rural unrest and providing some sort of a process that ensures that the party remains sensitive to the needs of the people who have, given the strict censorship, no way of ventilating their grievances.
We should begin to work in that spirit and in course of time all these angularities of the majority and minority communities, the Hindu community and the Muslim community.
Yet the new 5 dwarfs the old, its keen angularities all filled inAuthe difference between Alec BaldwinAAEs cheeks in 1988AAEs AoBeetlejuiceAo and todayAAEs Ao30 RockAo.